Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allergies and Fatty Food

Feel like this is kind of a downer of a post but, sometimes that's life.....during allergy season anyway!

So the past week and a half or so we have been up to ear infections. It's lovely ;0 As you learned in my previous note Gabriel and Asher had ear infections when we went to our "well" visit. Gabriel actually had blisters in his ears...yuk! We went for a follow up yesterday and Gabriel's blisters are gone, but still has red ears....and Trinity now has an ear infection, SO they both got put on some strong antibiotic that is supposed to clear it up. yay! The doc also gave Gabriel an rx for nose spray. This morning was his first dose. He is seriously stuffy the majority of the time, which gives him ear infections, which effects his hearing. Praying that this all goes away! blek! Seriously dislikes having a sick fam. Not to mention I have been having allergy, now swollen glands and ear infection as well. Not fun.

So besides our crazy Allergy sicknesses....

We have to really step up the game with Asher and his calorie intake. He is 3lbs lighter than Gabriel and 4lbs lighter than Trinity. Doesn't seem like a crazy big deal, but according to the IS. SOOOO.....It was off the the nastiest isle at wal-mart last night....the Little Debbie isle. Blek......but super high in fat and calories. I thought we had been doing a good job...adding extra butter to his eggs and pancakes in the am, making him high calorie shakes, cheezy crackers, and other snacks. BUT, it apparently is not enough. The doc said to load him with fat and calories however we can. Needless to say we are stepping up our game as much as our budget will let us, which pretty much means that our food budget is now our "fatten Asher up" budget :).

Example of what my cart looked like last night.......donut sticks, nutter bars, choc cov packaged donuts, potato chips and french onion dip, pizza rolls, mini honey buns, heavy whipping cream, steak fries, waffle fries.....I think that might be it. ugh.....

I really don't even want to think about what the cashier thought as she was ringing everything up :P baahaaa

On a good note: I have been able to get some more exercising accomplished! The kids have been doing great in our new jogger stroller. Trying to take them on walks/runs every day. It makes me feel SO much better. Also been doing some abs/obliques exercises too....trying to get rid of this muffin top!

Here's a couple pics

As you can tell, Asher is really excited to be up there!

cute pic of Gabriel who has been wanting not only his "Frog" when he gets up, but also his blankie :)

Ashe likes my sunglasses. Put these on by himself.

Football at the Howard hizzie!


  1. i like all of those fatty foods individually, but when you read it together .. blek is right! :) i might have to steal a little debbie or two if those were all here.

  2. Hi Desi,
    I just read your shopping list down the Debbie Isle at!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you don't mind if I suggest when I was little like Asher up until I was in my mid 20's I was seriously runs in the family!!! - I know Doc wants to load Asher up on fatty foods but something that might be healthier yet still help put on weight is protein shakes (you can get them at the healthfood store like GNC..body builders use it to help build muscle...just put it in a blender with whole milk and fruit or yogurt to make it taste good) and let him drink this a couple times a day along with his meals or between meals. Trust his later life he will pack on the pounds without any problems : ) Give babies a big hug from us.

  3. He is is his lungs causing it though, so a bit different than just being a lightweight....but yes, his pediasure is like a protein shake at his age. His lung disease causes him to breath in such a way that burns calories at a freakishly rapid rate....It sounds unhealthy, all the nasty food, but dr said at this point to try it as it won't harm him like a reg kid or adult as he burns it as soon as it enters :P