Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've had a busy week. Our house has been a mess. I have been washing more laundry than ever....and nearly none of it being put up. SO clearly I have not been busy cleaning....except cleaning up after "uh-oh's" as Asher calls them:P and I have been doing dishes, vacuuming and little stuff. But reg cleaning is has not been on the to-do list.

Underwear!!!! I was so excited that these fit Asher....the waist actually fits and they are not falling off!!!!! thrilled

Gabriel reading some Dave Ramsey. :P Lately he has been more interested in Chris and my books than his books on the bottom he climbs

Underwear wrestling! HA! I love that they play so well together. Definitely a blessing. Now of course we do have the stealing of the toys that happens (although they usually laugh when I tell them to give it back to the original "owner"...and they do this isn't really a crazy bad thing), but all in all they play quite well together...especially when they are either wrestling, playing football or chasing each other around the house.

I couldn't image life any other way. There is definitely never a dull moment and we have a crazy amount of fun.

This was day 2 of Potty Training. It was finally not crazy wet outside and plus we had beautiful sunny warm weather so we went outside for some fun....and the little potty came with us :) I had it closer to the house....Gabriel moved it. He thought it needed some sun I guess...

I have to say that I am LOVING this age! I have honestly loved every age thus far.....but seriously......the 2's are pretty awesome! So much potential and so much blessings. So for all you mom's of 2 year old's....take a seat, take a breath, soak it in, and take the opportunity now to build up your little one, encourage him/her because it will shape them for the rest of their life......and ya know, if you pay close attention they may teach you a thing or two ....too:)

To read more about how our Potty training is going see our Potty Journal

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