Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Asher Update

The Pulmonary Specialist finally called and we have an appt scheduled for Nov 4th.

Asher still seems to be wheezing and breathing fast, but has been eating much better YAY!!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for him! We love you all!

Please continue to pray for him

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dr. visit , Pomegranates, Books and Child Leashes

So took the kiddos to their 18mos Dr. Visit!
Gabriel and Trinity are doing great! Although Trinity does need to lay off the milk a bit :O Dr. dropped her and Gabriel down to 24oz. per day. Asher is still doing well, but his growth chart is declining. So we are trying to fatten him up even more....ugh. He is also breathing a bit too fast again...about 60 reps per min and wheezing, so we had to get him some meds and will be taking him to a Pulmonary Specialist. He's a strong, happy little man, and we know that God is in control :)

Book time at the Howard hizzie....Gabriel, Trinity, and Asher love books. Anything colorful and/or with different textures are usually a hit.

Rapin' it up.....or so it looks....they really like Chris' hat

This is Gabriel....and Trinity backin' him up

My little man of happiness

The "Harness Buddy" story:
SO, bought these at Target the other night. Super excited. Have always been against the child leash, but decided that it was better than one child deciding to run from me and land in the street and soforth. We practiced at home and the kids did GREAT! SO. Went to work this morning super pumped about breaking out the harnesses.

Get the kids ready to go...jackets on, harnesses on, get out of the truck, start walking and BAMMMMM..... "OH MY GOSH MOM, IT'S A LEAF!!!!" came streaming from Asher's little thought dept. "OOOOOO GRASS" flowing from Gabriel's....."I'M FREEEEEEE" yells Trinity's spirit. So this is the with our large baby backpack on, my purse, little cooler with milk strapped across one shoulder, and cappucino in one hand.....AND three 18mos old babies on leashes in the other. What was I thinking? REALLY????? SOOOOOOOO I end up unloading everything I am carrying onto the grass and after spending about 5min laughing, corralling, chasing, laughing some more I decided to throw them all back in the truck and grab the stroller. UGH.....seriously....UGH

At least it was entertaining.....Hoping to get the parking lot video so I can submit to Funniest Home would def win 1st prize. I'm still laughing about it....but at least I am REALLY good at laughing at myself. Goodness....

Oh yes,
and our children REALLY like Pomegranates. Wierd

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey all,
These are just some random pics that we took over the past few weeks. Hopefully we will have some nice Fall weather pics within the next month or so. Just looking for a nice "leafy" location. I LOVE fall leaves!!!! If you have any suggestions where a good place would be to take some good family pics PLEASE let me know!

Our kids love playing in and on the clothes baskets.

Trinity tickling Asher

Gabriel.....being Gabriel

just playing

Asher with his Fedora....or um plastic container hat

Daddy and Gabriel

Kiddos in our "new" recliner!!!

Such a beautiful little girl. It's a good thing she has two brothers. Not to mention a 3rd Degree Black Belt as a Dad.

Tennis anyone?

Rockin' Frog

I just love this look :) too funny

pretty boy smile!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More pics and updated to come!

Well, as you all have noticed we have not had any recent updates. Our computer completely fixing it. So we have been without for some time. Sad.

Some wonderful friends are letting us borrow one of their computers until we can get one of our own. SO thankful!!!! Love you guys!

Don't have time at the moment to update with pics, but stay tuned....there will be some soon!