Monday, October 25, 2010

Iron Man & My Little Ponny

In a house of 2 boys and a girl....all the same age
 What could me more fun! 

Getting some swing time in b4 it gets too cold...

Reading...we love books.  Whether I am reading to them, or if they just decide to come into their playroom and look on their own, our kids love books.  This is actually what I caught them doing one afternoon while I was washing dishes :) It's a beautiful thing!

They are talking SO much now.  It seems like they are learning new words daily.  So their favorite game to play while reading is naming each thing they recognize.  And they can play that game for-e-ver :) HA!

They also like to play the game that we always play in the car which is "say what I say".....Daddy particularly loves this game and really has fun with them!  lol  Chris likes to go through the whole alphabet several times...allowing them to repeat each letter....then sings the alphabet song, then animals, then sounds that animals on and so on....It's quite entertaining and the kiddos love it, and most of the time, the animal part is more like an i-spy game since we have so many cows, chickens, and horses here in NW Arkansas.  We even saw a ginormous pig on a back-road we were on and the kids were so excited.  They like animals.....a lot... lol

Gabriel sleepin'.  so sweet

And a couple random pics that I think I put on FB but not on the blog yet.....