Tuesday, June 22, 2010

learning time, a good deal, haircuts, and braggin on my MAN

Our learning time today! It had been a little while since we sat down for our learning time since we've been outside a lot more, going on walks or just out back to play. Today the kiddos actually asked for it. Trinity made a point to climb the bookshelf to get the cards.

...Thought it was cool that our Bible verse today was Luke 1:26-27 talking about the angel Gabriel coming to give Mary her message.

After our sitdown learning time I went around the house singing the ABC song like 50 times. Tried to get them to go in a line and do a choochoo train and sing it.....but they decided just to run around in my general area instead...like I said..."tried". Some sort of organized chaos is generally how we do things in our house. We sing or play music and they want to dance.....and since I was running around the house singing while "choochoo-ing" they added running to their dance :) It's all good

Asher's new fave! got these little wafers at Target last night and he has been eating them up. Half the container is already gone just from last night and mostly this morning. They are pretty high in fat and calories so this is a good thing for him!!!

Gift from grandma! We watched this this morning while eating some breakfast! The kiddos loved it...they were seriously glued to the screen.

Mama and Daddy's little treat! Coffee!!! We've been out for a couple weeks so it was so nice to go get some. Usually we would order them, but didn't feel like paying the shipping this time as I had no free shipping deals. Wanted to get more for our money, so instead decided to go with these from Target. They were cheaper, plus when you buy 3 boxes of k-cups Target gives you a $5 gift card....which I then was able to use to buy our trash bags! What a deal! Newman's Own coffee is one of my fave's, then we got two new kinds...Caribou Blend and Emeril's Big Easy. I had the Caribou this morning and loved it!

Now on to some photo's of our precious babies! Ok, Toddlers.....but they will always be my babies :P

Didn't get a b4 of Gabriel, but his was fluffy too :) You should have seen all the hair! I should have taken a pic of that. It looked like we had shaved a huge cat or something.

Miss cool....

Bubble war! They boys had been using these like light sabers. Not much bubbles going on as they weren't interested in having to keep dipping the wand, but they had fun non the less...they are boys, and that's what boys do :)

We have also accumulated some little GI-JOE dudes from somewhere/someone.....they really liked these. If they are yours let me know so we can give them back :) I found them in a drawer in our kitchen.....?

Snacking and drinking it up!

Also have to add.....I am on the level two now on my Biggest Loser Cardio DVD! I feel so much better being more active and sticking with it....being a better steward of my body.

We are also still doing well on our home stewardship as far as cleaning up. Sure, we have our days (typically Sunday since we are busy) that our house gets a bit crazy, but then as long as we keep at it....little by little, pick up as we go it doesn't get out of hand. Our bedroom has been clean for nearly a month now. Minimal clothes are on the floor at the moment from laundry yesterday that I didn't finish when I should've, but will be put up b4 the day ends. It's cray how much better our home feels and how much better we feel and how much more time we have to relax when we do things as we go instead of just picking a "cleaning day".

And I have to brag on my man.....He saw that I was going to vacuum as the vacuum was out, and that I had stuff in the kitchen ready to be put up. I had to run to the store to get some groceries and when I came home he had both done! I just love that he always helps me out and that our kids are growing up knowing that Daddy helps Mommy! As I am a stay at homer I feel that the house is a big part of my responsibilities, but on days like yesterday when I don't quite get it all done, I am thankful for a loving and respectful husband that comes along side of me and helps me out.....not to mention he doesn't expect me to do everything, even when I sometimes expect me to do everything. He always know just how to help! Love him!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just pics!


My boyz

Daddy Kisses!

Asher & Daddy

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mornin' Sun

Yay, the sun is out and the weather is so nice and warm! Our jogger has a flatish tire...just needs to be pumped up, so didn't take it out today as we don't have a pump for it. Instead we decided to go outside and have some late morning time in the pool. It was nice to not have the yard damp from misty rain and clouds. Made the bug situation much better.

The boys are sporting some swim outfits that Aunt C got them last year. The shorts are still just a tad big so we just rolled 'em! Still thought they looked cute. Will prob go out again this afternoon.

Trinity sliding all by herself. Our kids are seriously becoming pro's at our playground. They can climb up the ladder or the slide with no help (although I always stand right next to them just incase) and they can slide down without help too. Crazy how fast they are growing, even just since being given this playground a couple months ago. crazy.

Gabriel has Jacque's water bowl.....trying to get him to drink....

Asher drawing on the pavement. Our kids love sidewalk chalk, and it is on my list as we have used all of ours up besides this one little piece. They especially like to wet the concrete first b/c then it looks like paint and really brings out the colors....my little artists :)

As Jacque didn't want his water bowl....

and Trinity chasing down the dog.....with the water bowl. Apparently she and Gabriel thought Sir Poo needed some water :)

Asher checking out a fly....he's a boy....he likes bugs

Trinity getting splashed by Gabriel, b/c Gabriel is the master splasher

We are also so happy to have Chris home! He came home quite a bit later than first anticipated yesterday, and had to work today, but I cannot wait to hear about his trip. He was EX-HAUS-TED when he got home.

Also had my first night of Life Group last night. For those who don't know I am doing a LG called "Young Mom's Inspiring Excellence". I was pumped b4 it started, now after meeting everyone and doing our first lesson I am crazy beyond pumped. God has really blessed this group with some awesome ladies and I cannot wait to get to know each of them more and grow our friendships! EEEEEK so excited!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wierd things I do when Chris is gone

1. I stay up way to late playing on the internet...facebook, looking at camera's and kid's shoes and anything else I don't have the money to buy, and blog.....hence the 11pm blogging...
2. Then I watch a movie....up even later. Usually a romantic comedy, comedy or Harry Potter (tonight it's Harry Potter... Monday it was Made of Honor and Tues was Anger Management :)
3. Always sleep on his side of the bed and many times use his pillows.
4. Rarely eat dinner....mostly I just graze when he's gone....tonight it is M&M's !

What are your weird quirks when ur hubby is out of town? Or am I the only one who steals my man's side of the bed and stays up crazy late?

I do have to say I did get some good cleaning done tonight....all laundry is put up!YAY!

Ok, seriously...goodnight

Errands and random pics!

Pretty sure that those of you who check my blog out prob come for pics....of my kids and not just random stuff...BUT, I had SO much stinkin' fun today taking pics and thought I would share just a couple of my fave's. Me and my cuties had to go to town to drop off a bill so, of course, brought my camera with me....Mr.Nikon sat in the passenger seat :)

A couple weeks ago when I was dropping Chris off at work after church one Sunday (had to tear down from a meeting....he doesn't usually work on Sunday's...for WM) Anyways, on my way out of the ISD back parking lot there were these train tracks that apparently I'd never noticed or paid much mind to before. Well, I did that day and have been wanting to photograph them ever since. Today I got my chance! Also went to a little fountain thing in a business center in back of a bank, then on my way home saw some cows (I think cows are cute), then later took a couple pics of our little storm. I was clicking like a mad woman and still NO lightening shots...boooo. I have yet to get a good lightening shot.

All the following pics were taken from the drivers seat...some out of the sunroof....obviously not while driving. Ok, well I did take one while driving. It was a guess and click and actually turned out ok! he he

Our storm was really weird. First it just started pooring like craziness. then it stopped. Then it got dark, like you see in this first pic with dark clouds....then the sun started to shine through....then downpour and darkness again.

Oh, yes, and my guess and click from the drivers seat :) ....

And yes, I'm quite aware that I am NO pro and that I am prob the only one who get's crazy excited about photography in general, and not just of my children....but I'm ok with that.HA! :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Doughnut Recipe

Crazy easy....no joke

Heat oil in a pan.I suggest either veggie oil or melt crisco.
I use a small pan and just do one at a time. They cook super fast.

2 cups Bisquick
2/3 cups milk
mix with a fork, then when all blended knead a little

(this is what it should look like after mixed with fork)

roll the amount you want into balls and press down to make round and kinda flat.
take a coke bottle top and cut a whole in the center.

Drop dough into oil, let cook a few seconds then flip.

When both sides are done (golden brown color) just put them on a plate and sprinkle either reg sugar or powdered sugar. You could also have cinnamon and sugar in a baggy or bowl and shake them.

That's it. You're done. See....super easy

Result = Happy Kiddos!

Our kiddos LOVED these! The recipe above makes like 8-10 doughnuts.


Watermelon, ministry trip, and misty days

Our weather is kinda driving me nuts. Although I should be thankful that we aren't getting flooded out like down south or in OK. Misty light rain and cloudyness is fine for a day....but like 3 or 4 and I'm over it. I think it's mostly the fact that it waters the yard just enough to get it wet and gross and then in come the flying bugs. And I don't usually use the word hate....BUT....I HATE bugs....especially flying one's. Anything that bites, stings or pukes when it lands is on my yuk list. Needless to say we spent a whole like 5 min outside today b4 I was ready to go in.

On another note....
Chris is out of town...... on church business! It makes a major difference to me that he is gone for our church and the ministries we oversee and NOT Wal-Mart. I can't wait for him to get back and share all he has learned and taken in; ideas he's gotten, etc...He and Shane rode down to New Life Church in Conway, AR yesterday and are meeting with their leadership team and Pastor's. Chris and I are the Young Married's Pastors at our church, and Chris will be meeting with New Life's Young Married's Pastors as well! Lot's of exciting things going on! Pastor's sharpening Pastor's!

Today the kiddos had there 1st watermelon of the summer! Yum-O

Asher checking on Daddy's veggies while he's gone.

Yeah....about the bugs....this is a pic of my trio working as a team to kill the bugs flying around their slide....hence, time to go inside :)

At one point I noticed Asher just sitting staring at some "fowers" aka weeds in our yard. He usually just picks them. They had like three mini bee's gettin' some pollen....We really, desperately need yard spray! But we also have a TON of spiders...mainly grass spiders...something crazy, and I have yet to find the hook up to the hose yard bug killer spray that kills spiders. Mostly they just kill mosquito's...which is great too, but need one that also kills spiders. SO, if any of you can give me some help I'd love it!!!