Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watermelon, ministry trip, and misty days

Our weather is kinda driving me nuts. Although I should be thankful that we aren't getting flooded out like down south or in OK. Misty light rain and cloudyness is fine for a day....but like 3 or 4 and I'm over it. I think it's mostly the fact that it waters the yard just enough to get it wet and gross and then in come the flying bugs. And I don't usually use the word hate....BUT....I HATE bugs....especially flying one's. Anything that bites, stings or pukes when it lands is on my yuk list. Needless to say we spent a whole like 5 min outside today b4 I was ready to go in.

On another note....
Chris is out of town...... on church business! It makes a major difference to me that he is gone for our church and the ministries we oversee and NOT Wal-Mart. I can't wait for him to get back and share all he has learned and taken in; ideas he's gotten, etc...He and Shane rode down to New Life Church in Conway, AR yesterday and are meeting with their leadership team and Pastor's. Chris and I are the Young Married's Pastors at our church, and Chris will be meeting with New Life's Young Married's Pastors as well! Lot's of exciting things going on! Pastor's sharpening Pastor's!

Today the kiddos had there 1st watermelon of the summer! Yum-O

Asher checking on Daddy's veggies while he's gone.

Yeah....about the bugs....this is a pic of my trio working as a team to kill the bugs flying around their slide....hence, time to go inside :)

At one point I noticed Asher just sitting staring at some "fowers" aka weeds in our yard. He usually just picks them. They had like three mini bee's gettin' some pollen....We really, desperately need yard spray! But we also have a TON of spiders...mainly grass spiders...something crazy, and I have yet to find the hook up to the hose yard bug killer spray that kills spiders. Mostly they just kill mosquito's...which is great too, but need one that also kills spiders. SO, if any of you can give me some help I'd love it!!!

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