Thursday, June 3, 2010

Positive Energy

Our week in a nutshell....or pics-shell rather

Gabriel, wondering if he can come out of time-out :)

What constipation does to a two year old :( ...

Yup....outside. In the pool. Everyday! And we have had a great week. And everyone has had they're share of time-outs. But, what's life without discipline, right? he he

About a week ago....might have been exactly a week ago I shared about how we felt God telling us to be better stewards of our home, and we have been doing just that! It's amazing to me that I have been doing little things each day...not stressing trying to get all the big stuff done in one day, and it has literally taken a load off...not to mention our home is staying clean...even our bedroom! We have never been slobs, but needed to step up our game. Like I had said in that previous post we had gotten lazy like crazy.

And like I also stated in that post I am being a better steward of my body. Exercising more, drinking more water. Also, not altering too much what I eat, just the amount that I eat. Being more aware of what/how much goes in the tank.

stewardship - nothing is's all HIS, so we need to take care of it!

Since I have started doing the two things above I have felt wonderful and have had more energy than I've had in a long time. It's crazy, I not only feel more energized, but it's like I have more time added to my day! I've had time to clean, work-out, cook, and have been left with more time to be a good mama and wife! Our evenings aren't filled with picking up, and since I have been keeping the cleaning up little by little daily, our weekend won't be filled with cleaning.

As you've noticed from the pics above and the previous posts I've had this past week, this has all come at no cost to family time, play time, learning time, I said, feels like we have even more!

In other words...

Doing creates energy!

...and doing the right things creates Positive Energy :)

YAY for Positive Energy!

If you haven't had a chance, go check out my recent photography! Since deciding to start doing my fave hobby again I have taken somewhere around 400 pictures! Less than 200 have made it into the gallery, but it has been CRAZY fun! And that's what a hobby is all about.....FUN! You may like 'em, you may not. I have my own style just like all photographer's. It's all about perception and the eye of the one taking the pictures.
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  1. these pics are great! I am loving see all of your new stuff and love that you've re fallen in love with photography!