Tuesday, June 22, 2010

learning time, a good deal, haircuts, and braggin on my MAN

Our learning time today! It had been a little while since we sat down for our learning time since we've been outside a lot more, going on walks or just out back to play. Today the kiddos actually asked for it. Trinity made a point to climb the bookshelf to get the cards.

...Thought it was cool that our Bible verse today was Luke 1:26-27 talking about the angel Gabriel coming to give Mary her message.

After our sitdown learning time I went around the house singing the ABC song like 50 times. Tried to get them to go in a line and do a choochoo train and sing it.....but they decided just to run around in my general area instead...like I said..."tried". Some sort of organized chaos is generally how we do things in our house. We sing or play music and they want to dance.....and since I was running around the house singing while "choochoo-ing" they added running to their dance :) It's all good

Asher's new fave! got these little wafers at Target last night and he has been eating them up. Half the container is already gone just from last night and mostly this morning. They are pretty high in fat and calories so this is a good thing for him!!!

Gift from grandma! We watched this this morning while eating some breakfast! The kiddos loved it...they were seriously glued to the screen.

Mama and Daddy's little treat! Coffee!!! We've been out for a couple weeks so it was so nice to go get some. Usually we would order them, but didn't feel like paying the shipping this time as I had no free shipping deals. Wanted to get more for our money, so instead decided to go with these from Target. They were cheaper, plus when you buy 3 boxes of k-cups Target gives you a $5 gift card....which I then was able to use to buy our trash bags! What a deal! Newman's Own coffee is one of my fave's, then we got two new kinds...Caribou Blend and Emeril's Big Easy. I had the Caribou this morning and loved it!

Now on to some photo's of our precious babies! Ok, Toddlers.....but they will always be my babies :P

Didn't get a b4 of Gabriel, but his was fluffy too :) You should have seen all the hair! I should have taken a pic of that. It looked like we had shaved a huge cat or something.

Miss cool....

Bubble war! They boys had been using these like light sabers. Not much bubbles going on as they weren't interested in having to keep dipping the wand, but they had fun non the less...they are boys, and that's what boys do :)

We have also accumulated some little GI-JOE dudes from somewhere/someone.....they really liked these. If they are yours let me know so we can give them back :) I found them in a drawer in our kitchen.....?

Snacking and drinking it up!

Also have to add.....I am on the level two now on my Biggest Loser Cardio DVD! I feel so much better being more active and sticking with it....being a better steward of my body.

We are also still doing well on our home stewardship as far as cleaning up. Sure, we have our days (typically Sunday since we are busy) that our house gets a bit crazy, but then as long as we keep at it....little by little, pick up as we go it doesn't get out of hand. Our bedroom has been clean for nearly a month now. Minimal clothes are on the floor at the moment from laundry yesterday that I didn't finish when I should've, but will be put up b4 the day ends. It's cray how much better our home feels and how much better we feel and how much more time we have to relax when we do things as we go instead of just picking a "cleaning day".

And I have to brag on my man.....He saw that I was going to vacuum as the vacuum was out, and that I had stuff in the kitchen ready to be put up. I had to run to the store to get some groceries and when I came home he had both done! I just love that he always helps me out and that our kids are growing up knowing that Daddy helps Mommy! As I am a stay at homer I feel that the house is a big part of my responsibilities, but on days like yesterday when I don't quite get it all done, I am thankful for a loving and respectful husband that comes along side of me and helps me out.....not to mention he doesn't expect me to do everything, even when I sometimes expect me to do everything. He always know just how to help! Love him!

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