Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wierd things I do when Chris is gone

1. I stay up way to late playing on the internet...facebook, looking at camera's and kid's shoes and anything else I don't have the money to buy, and blog.....hence the 11pm blogging...
2. Then I watch a movie....up even later. Usually a romantic comedy, comedy or Harry Potter (tonight it's Harry Potter... Monday it was Made of Honor and Tues was Anger Management :)
3. Always sleep on his side of the bed and many times use his pillows.
4. Rarely eat dinner....mostly I just graze when he's gone....tonight it is M&M's !

What are your weird quirks when ur hubby is out of town? Or am I the only one who steals my man's side of the bed and stays up crazy late?

I do have to say I did get some good cleaning done tonight....all laundry is put up!YAY!

Ok, seriously...goodnight


  1. Tony usually is up later than me and I always sleep on his side of the bed until he comes to bed. We just require different amounts of sleep. Me=8, him 5-6.

  2. Lol, you crack me up Sis...never knew you did that when Chris was gone : ) Ahhh, if I could only get as lucky and have mine gone for a few days I might know what I'd do when he was gone..hehehe.