Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great Weekend!

Had such a nice weekend! Friday night we went out with Chris' parents to Pizza Hut. The kids loved it! It was such a nice weekend, so they also had some play time outside, and Saturday morning we got to go support a great cause, Loving Choices' Life Walk 2010. Chris was there representing our church (Keypoint Church) and said the opening prayer. Then of course as always our weekend wrapped up with a wonderful Sunday at church!

Trinity, Gabriel, and Asher in their clubhouse on our playground.

Pizza!!!! HOLLER!

Life Walk 2010!
Chris texting of course :) We also got to meet lots of awesome people. It's really cool that pretty much everyone we talked to had heard of Keypoint from someone they knew, and everything they had heard had been great things!

Our extra tired trio from waking up early to get there, getting lots of attention while there, then playing on the huge playground at the ballpark!

We got to see some baseball dudes practicing while there too

Gabriel's new fave....he has discovered how to open and close the sunroof :P So of course...guess what he does every time he get's in the truck?

My sexy man replanting some veggies into bigger pots! He's such a stud :)

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