Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Errands and random pics!

Pretty sure that those of you who check my blog out prob come for pics....of my kids and not just random stuff...BUT, I had SO much stinkin' fun today taking pics and thought I would share just a couple of my fave's. Me and my cuties had to go to town to drop off a bill so, of course, brought my camera with me....Mr.Nikon sat in the passenger seat :)

A couple weeks ago when I was dropping Chris off at work after church one Sunday (had to tear down from a meeting....he doesn't usually work on Sunday's...for WM) Anyways, on my way out of the ISD back parking lot there were these train tracks that apparently I'd never noticed or paid much mind to before. Well, I did that day and have been wanting to photograph them ever since. Today I got my chance! Also went to a little fountain thing in a business center in back of a bank, then on my way home saw some cows (I think cows are cute), then later took a couple pics of our little storm. I was clicking like a mad woman and still NO lightening shots...boooo. I have yet to get a good lightening shot.

All the following pics were taken from the drivers seat...some out of the sunroof....obviously not while driving. Ok, well I did take one while driving. It was a guess and click and actually turned out ok! he he

Our storm was really weird. First it just started pooring like craziness. then it stopped. Then it got dark, like you see in this first pic with dark clouds....then the sun started to shine through....then downpour and darkness again.

Oh, yes, and my guess and click from the drivers seat :) ....

And yes, I'm quite aware that I am NO pro and that I am prob the only one who get's crazy excited about photography in general, and not just of my children....but I'm ok with that.HA! :P


  1. Desiree, I am tracking you and your photography skilz. I wish I could take pictures that look like that. Especially of the kiddos. Let me know if you ever need other kids to practice on. ;)

  2. On your other page...the Tumblr one...i saw you said you were a observation photographer. I've never heard that term before, but I'm glad you said it because that's what I try to do with my kids but I can't ever get the right angle. Of course, mine is just a point and shoot camera, but still, I imagine it takes lots of patience.
    Plus Melody is a poser so its hard to get her to not pay attention to the camera.

  3. Love the photography..your work is to pro quality!! Kim is super excited about Creative Photography..thinking of getting her the "CoolPix" camera..we'll see.

  4. Cindy, if by chance you guys get to come down sometime summer or early fall, I could take her out and give her some lessons! that would be crazy fun!

  5. We would love too. It might be late summer or early fall before we can though. I know she would love some lessons in it.