Friday, April 30, 2010

2 Year Doctor Visit!

Well, this was quite the visit! I wouldn't say the most enjoyable, but good non the less...

All three are doing great on the 2 year old learning charts! The only things they are not doing out of a huge list was going up and down stairs without help (we don't have stairs), and taking off pants and shirt w/out help (they do good on pants, but I still help to get shirts over the head). They are also very social and very much aware of what one another is going through. Our doctor noticed their focus and concern they each had for the one who was being looked at. :) cute <3

Some stats...
Gabriel - wt. 24 pounds, ht. 33 inches
Trinity - wt. 25.8 pounds, ht. 33 1/4 inches
Asher - wt.21.3 pounds, ht. 32 1/2 inches

The doc's office with our trio and the doc and nurses constantly asking questions, poking, prodding, etc....I did not take any pics while there, but these are after....they were all three covered in stickers when we first got in the car, but once we got home they started coming off.....

Asher with his blood work stylin' bandages!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cleaning and Playing with Sir Jacque!

How our children entertain themselves while I am cleaning ;p I was picking up our bedroom and sorting laundry. This is what they were doing when I came to check on them...

...and as you can tell, hadn't got to the playroom yet...don't judge :)

Outside! It's been almost a week since the kiddos have had some good play time outside due to rainy weather, and even a couple chilly days....they have little colds/allergies, but wanted them to get some fresh air.

Jacque (Mr.Poo) is finally feeling like he can play with the kiddos! He has always been super cautious towards them. He is such a great family dog! So great with the kids.
He and Gabriel playing tug-a-war, then He and Trinity playing go get it!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Trinity's Art...

Asher's art...

Gabriel's Art...

Monday, April 26, 2010

School Time!

Alright! So, we are going to start a "school time" in the Howard hizzie. Going to go at it more hardcore and structured this fall, but we are using the Spring and Summer to kind of practice run, see what works and what doesn't, how best to keep it interesting for 2year olds, etc...

Some things we will be doing during learning time....flashcards - alphabet and shapes/colors... coloring time for creativity, art, and learning colors...Bible studies - reading, pictures, puppets, crafts and whatever else I can think of or find to make it fun and interesting...counting...snack time.

Thinking about doing one subject each day, but Bible and art like alphabet w/Bible and coloring on Monday. Or counting with Bible and craft on on and so forth. Also going to incorporate fitness (like tumbling, dancing, jumping..etc...)Like I said we are just starting, literally just started today, SO will be playing around with this a quite a bit.

I just can't pass up the opportunity to really teach my children. God has blessed me to be a stay at home mom and I have the privilege of ..hear me now..P.R.I.V.I.L.E.G.E. to be able to teach my own children the way I feel God leading me to teach them. How exciting is that?!!!! AW, Love you Jesus, thank YOU!!!! Young children LOVE to learn, especially when it is positive and fun. They love recognition and good job's....and even correction! I know you may think that correction is not something that children crave, but it is. Their crave for it is actually the main reason they act out (whether 2 or 15 yrs old)....they want to make sure you care enough about them to help them change. It not only builds character, confidence, love, but also security and trust. I will prob write a devo on this at a later date.

Here are some pictures....coloring and puzzles on the kiddos new "learning table"! Thank you Grandma and Papa for our B'day present!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mostly pics

Our house has been an allergy heaven for the past couple weeks. I have been hor-i-ble. Now the kids are getting just as bad. Snotty, stuffy, itchy throats, head/sinus aches. NOT fun. Chris was also gone for another week. It was really cool when we were leaving the house to pick him up from the airport, his plane flew over. I told the kids "daddy's in that plane!" and they all waved! Super cute! After he got home we had some nice relaxing fam time which included a trip to O'Charlie's with our gift card...and I am happy to say we got out of there with only using $15 of it! Gotta love lunch deals and kids eat free! woot woot! After that we headed to Cold Stone (pics below)!

Gabriel, Trinity and Asher sitting at the table eating lunch in their big kid booster seats! Gosh, they are growing up way too fast.

Wrestling....they started out dancing together like they like to do, but then decided to fall and dog pile! And for some reason poor skinny Asher always ends up on bottom ;p

I told the boys that hopefully next month we can get them some new tennis shoes as theirs are a bit small. Apparently Gabriel didn't want to wait that long....he decided to steal mine!!! At least he got them on the right feet, but did have a bit of trouble actually walking in them ;p

And last but certainly not least our Cold Stone visit! Chris was wanting some ice cream and was just going to run in, but we saw that Brett, one of our cool teens from church was working and the place wasn't busy at all (which never happens), SO we decided to take the troop in for the 1st time ever! They LOVED it! I got my usual, cake batter with walnuts, choc chips, and rainbow sprinkles....and Chris got Oreo filling with Reece's cups. We all shared, however Trinity pretty much claimed mine as hers. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Party and Springtime!

A few pics of the B'day party this past Saturday!

Hangin' out in the yard!

Opening gifts! Our kiddos LOVE all their gifts, although it may not have seemed like it at the party. They are just social beyond words, and we had a house full, so they were busy, busy, busy!!! I think that was the most children we've ever had in our house at the same time like EVER and our trio was having a blast!

mmmmm cake and ice cream! I think they each had like 3 helpings of ice cream...they love that stuff!!!

Spring is here, and def my fave time of the year! Yesterday was probably our warmest day yet, so we decided to break out the kiddi pool! Fun times!! One more reason I am thankful beyond thankful that we have our fence!!!!

ok, so this picture is crazy cool, and I didn't notice till I was uploading it! The sunlight apparently hit this toy perfect and put a reflection of a cross on Asher's head.

Me and T

This pool looked bigger last year :) We actually didn't use it at all last year 'cus we thought it would be too big.....Our beautiful little blessings are growing way too fast.

I'm so thankful that our kids are easily amused :P It seems like no matter what we do or don't have they always have fun. Children are such a blessing and a great daily, minute by minute reminder to see the blessings in everything and to take nothing for granted and of course....TO HAVE FUN!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, I know this is a day late, but I wanted to include B'day pics which meant that it would have to be after the fact.

For the kiddos actual Birthday , April 3rd we went over to Chris' parents house and had an afternoon of family time with his parents and my mom. The kids hunted for Easter Eggs, which was a first....although you would never guess 'cus they were PRO'S!!!! I was seriously impressed with how fast they got the hang of it. Trinity was the speedy one grabbing each and every egg she could and throwing it in her bucket. Asher would mosey around and grab one here and there while playing with the greenery, and Gabriel got picky real quick. You see, Gabriel figured out pretty fast that some eggs made noise and had candy in them (plastic eggs filled with m&m's) , while others not so much (the real eggs). So he decided that any that didn't make noise was not worth keeping and began checking them b4 he would put the in his bucket. no noise = thrown on the ground :P This child cracks me UP!

And here are some pics of our adventurous egg hunting party!

And they're off!!! Let the Egg hunting begin!

Asher snaggin' an egg!

Gabriel carrying his favorite yellow "sound" egg :) I think he already ate the M&M's out of it!

Trinity gettin' with it! This girl knows how to hunt some Easter eggs!!!

Birthday/Easter Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes that g-ma (Chris' mom made!) and some Reeces Pieces from g-ma (my mom). Lot's o' sugar! yay!

Just some random pics from yesterday!

These next pics are actually from a couple days earlier. Chris' mom and dad invited me and the kids over for some fried chicken and mashed potatoes while Chris was gone in Atlanta. Papa decided that they need to learn about labor early in life. Little did he know that our children would find picking up rocks FUN! As a matter of fact, Trinity really didn't want to quite!

Kiddos picking up rocks out of G-ma's garden! I'm pretty sure that in Arkansas for every rock you pick up about a dozen come back. It's crazy