Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, I know this is a day late, but I wanted to include B'day pics which meant that it would have to be after the fact.

For the kiddos actual Birthday , April 3rd we went over to Chris' parents house and had an afternoon of family time with his parents and my mom. The kids hunted for Easter Eggs, which was a first....although you would never guess 'cus they were PRO'S!!!! I was seriously impressed with how fast they got the hang of it. Trinity was the speedy one grabbing each and every egg she could and throwing it in her bucket. Asher would mosey around and grab one here and there while playing with the greenery, and Gabriel got picky real quick. You see, Gabriel figured out pretty fast that some eggs made noise and had candy in them (plastic eggs filled with m&m's) , while others not so much (the real eggs). So he decided that any that didn't make noise was not worth keeping and began checking them b4 he would put the in his bucket. no noise = thrown on the ground :P This child cracks me UP!

And here are some pics of our adventurous egg hunting party!

And they're off!!! Let the Egg hunting begin!

Asher snaggin' an egg!

Gabriel carrying his favorite yellow "sound" egg :) I think he already ate the M&M's out of it!

Trinity gettin' with it! This girl knows how to hunt some Easter eggs!!!

Birthday/Easter Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes that g-ma (Chris' mom made!) and some Reeces Pieces from g-ma (my mom). Lot's o' sugar! yay!

Just some random pics from yesterday!

These next pics are actually from a couple days earlier. Chris' mom and dad invited me and the kids over for some fried chicken and mashed potatoes while Chris was gone in Atlanta. Papa decided that they need to learn about labor early in life. Little did he know that our children would find picking up rocks FUN! As a matter of fact, Trinity really didn't want to quite!

Kiddos picking up rocks out of G-ma's garden! I'm pretty sure that in Arkansas for every rock you pick up about a dozen come back. It's crazy


  1. Absolutely Precious : ) Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Gotta love picking up rocks at Gpa and Gma', some things never change : )

  2. so did they make you pick up rocks too....or just your kids..he he