Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mostly pics

Our house has been an allergy heaven for the past couple weeks. I have been hor-i-ble. Now the kids are getting just as bad. Snotty, stuffy, itchy throats, head/sinus aches. NOT fun. Chris was also gone for another week. It was really cool when we were leaving the house to pick him up from the airport, his plane flew over. I told the kids "daddy's in that plane!" and they all waved! Super cute! After he got home we had some nice relaxing fam time which included a trip to O'Charlie's with our gift card...and I am happy to say we got out of there with only using $15 of it! Gotta love lunch deals and kids eat free! woot woot! After that we headed to Cold Stone (pics below)!

Gabriel, Trinity and Asher sitting at the table eating lunch in their big kid booster seats! Gosh, they are growing up way too fast.

Wrestling....they started out dancing together like they like to do, but then decided to fall and dog pile! And for some reason poor skinny Asher always ends up on bottom ;p

I told the boys that hopefully next month we can get them some new tennis shoes as theirs are a bit small. Apparently Gabriel didn't want to wait that long....he decided to steal mine!!! At least he got them on the right feet, but did have a bit of trouble actually walking in them ;p

And last but certainly not least our Cold Stone visit! Chris was wanting some ice cream and was just going to run in, but we saw that Brett, one of our cool teens from church was working and the place wasn't busy at all (which never happens), SO we decided to take the troop in for the 1st time ever! They LOVED it! I got my usual, cake batter with walnuts, choc chips, and rainbow sprinkles....and Chris got Oreo filling with Reece's cups. We all shared, however Trinity pretty much claimed mine as hers. :)

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  1. Great pics!! Love you all so much!!!