Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Party and Springtime!

A few pics of the B'day party this past Saturday!

Hangin' out in the yard!

Opening gifts! Our kiddos LOVE all their gifts, although it may not have seemed like it at the party. They are just social beyond words, and we had a house full, so they were busy, busy, busy!!! I think that was the most children we've ever had in our house at the same time like EVER and our trio was having a blast!

mmmmm cake and ice cream! I think they each had like 3 helpings of ice cream...they love that stuff!!!

Spring is here, and def my fave time of the year! Yesterday was probably our warmest day yet, so we decided to break out the kiddi pool! Fun times!! One more reason I am thankful beyond thankful that we have our fence!!!!

ok, so this picture is crazy cool, and I didn't notice till I was uploading it! The sunlight apparently hit this toy perfect and put a reflection of a cross on Asher's head.

Me and T

This pool looked bigger last year :) We actually didn't use it at all last year 'cus we thought it would be too big.....Our beautiful little blessings are growing way too fast.

I'm so thankful that our kids are easily amused :P It seems like no matter what we do or don't have they always have fun. Children are such a blessing and a great daily, minute by minute reminder to see the blessings in everything and to take nothing for granted and of course....TO HAVE FUN!!!!

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  1. Love the pictures and the reminder to be thankful for all the little things too! ;)