Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend! We were at Chris' parents on Thanksgiving and then visited my Papa the next day. Had a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Just a couple pictures today....
I just love seeing my children being loving with one another. Whether they are playing around, dancing, hugging, wrestling, having bath really doesn't matter. Togetherness just makes my heart sing....cheese, I know. I just pray that as they grow they will stick together, get each others backs and continue to love on each other.

Stay Puffed Children!
This was right b4 going out the other day. I had to drop off a bill and it was bitter COLD!!! They find it quite entertaining to see each other with the hoods up ;P

This pic looks like they are dancing :)

Instead of Sumo wrestling we will have Puff Jacket wrestling

It's really funny 'cus the jackets are still a bit big. It looks like they have swinging nub arms. "It's only a flesh wound (insert British accent)!!" baahaa (for all my Monty Python & the Holy Grail fans....such a great movie).....anyways...

Some bath time!
I just love bath pics. Mostly b/c I know that the amount of time I have to be able to photograph and post cute stuff like this will only last but a short while.

The chair...
For some reason the three of them decided that their chair was more fun upside-down...maybe 'cus it is hard to fit each other together in it the right way...who knows....

And of course......Gabriel

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Asher - Update after Pulmonary Specialist visit

We went for Asher's visit today with the Center for Children in Lowell which is a branch office for UAMS and Children's Hospital.

They took X-Rays of his lungs. His X-Rays looked horrible, but this was to be expected with his Chronic Lung Disease, being on the ventilator, lung blowing twice, etc... SO no surprise there. Our lungs continue to grow through age 7 at which time they will be deemed full grown, SO his lungs should just continue to get more will just take time.

The GOOD NEWS is that according to Dr. Menendez, he looks much better than his slides show....which is good. His lung problems are not getting worse, it's pretty much just that he has this cold with wet cough/congestion that is causing the wheezing and faster than usual breathing.

To help this issue of a wet nasty cough we have to put him on another inhaler...Atrovent which is supposed to get rid of the wetness, congestion. The Albuterol is for the actual cough. Then we have also been using Flovent which is for inflammation of the lungs. We also got a new/larger chamber.

His food/drink calorie intake:
The nutritionist at this place was SO much more helpful! We have lots more ideas to help with his calorie intake and weight gain. Hopefully we will start to see improvements over the next few weeks. His weight gain will also help his lungs out.

The doctor also gave him an awesome car toy (shown in pic) that he could take home!!! Super excited about the car. It is soft and makes noise. Those things are expensive at the store, so we didn't get them one for Christmas like we were planning on...

...It's the little things in life :P

Thank you JESUS for the good report and wonderful visit and the awesome nurses, dr, and specialist...and the car toy!


Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our little man!!! You guys rock!! We couldn't have ever asked for a better support of friends and family in our life.

Love you all!