Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Hey all,

I have started a Photography tumblr just for photos of all kinds that I take. All of it will be my own pics from my old camera that I "dusted" off this weekend :)

This site will have a diversity of photo's...some of our children and some of just stuff that catches my eye.

I am playing around and finding my own style again. It's been SO much fun.

Check it out and let me know what you think!... Coming Back to Photography

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny Day!

We have had such a nice relaxing fun day. I have been trying to shoot lots of photo's when I get the inspiration. Shooting them with my D100....not my camera phone :) Going to try and put better pics on here, but we will still have those camera phone moments as I do not like lugging the big camera around all the time. But, today was fun! It has also given me a lot of practice for retraining my eye to all this photography.

It was really nice to have a nice warm sunny day when Chris is home. Lately it has been raining or he has been working, so we enjoyed our time together just hangin' out around the house gettin' some vitamin D!

Asher and Daddy havin' a great day together!

Asher playing in the grass and "fowers" he he

Taking a break from the pool. It was so stinkin' nice out today!

lil'T just chillin' on the bench

My little bam bam! Gabriel loves this bat

...and Gabriel and Daddy

Asher hanging out chillaxin' this morning

The boyz playing in the laundry basket....again

More Photography... Check it out!
Coming back to Photography

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fired up the D100

In lieu of the part of my last post regarding Photography....
2 pics I took of Trinity today with my D100

She wasn't feeling all that well today :(

Hello Friday!

This week has seriously FLOWN by! I am pretty sure it's because I have stayed so productive. I've been getting up around 630 or 7am every morning and going from there. One day I even had laundry started, the pantry cleaned out AND reorganized and all the trash out before 730am. The whole week has been like that.

Chris and I felt God telling us that we need to be better stewards of our home. I, particularly, had gotten a bit lazy and full of excuses as to why I wasn't getting stuff done. Sure I would do the dishes and clean the kiddos playroom, but besides that I had been'a'slackin...major. We always have a prob keeping laundry put up.....great at doing it, but not so much on the folding/hanging it back up. Not consistently anyway. We will go weeks just throwing stuff back in the dryer...fluffing. Surely we aren't the only couple that goes through these lazy least I hope not!

This week I haven't been crazy nazi cleaner everyday, but have found it much easier if I do what I normally do....dishes, playroom, wash laundry...and then just add like one thing to it. ex....if I am washing laundry then I put it up after it is done drying. Keep anything unneaded out of our bedroom and keep all dirty stuff in our laundry sorting baskets...**oh yea, that's what those are for, hmm** Pick up all the toys in the yard b4 coming inside just incase it rains, not to mention it looks trashy to have a backyard of toys....even though we have a fence.....

...Like I said being a better Steward. Just taking more thought and care and mind and attention to our home that God has so wonderfully blessed us with.

K, SO....this morning I decided to take a stab at making my own strawberry syrup/sauce. Toastered up some lego my eggo's, and sprinkled some powdered sugar for pretties and sweets....although this doesn't exactly scream was yummy!

How I made the syrup.....As I have never made this b4, I just gave it a go....I did what I normally do....guess and improvise!!! This method hasn't failed me yet! If you'd like to try, here you go....Handful of cut up fresh strawberries, about a tablespoon powder sugar, and about a tablespoon of Karo Syrup. Stick it in the blender (we have a magic bullet which is what we use) and blend until it resembles a sauce! It was a hit at our house so maybe it will be for yours as well.

Miss Trinity has not been feeling well today. Can't figure out what the deal is. No fever, no complaining of any, really not sure. Instead of eating lunch, she decided to start her nap early. Sweet baby cuddled with her teddy bear.

Asher just being Asher. Our kids have real toys I promise. It's just that non toys, like the below and diaper boxes seem to be more fun sometimes :P

Somewhere along the line, in the midst of all the craziness of the past several years I had lost my "first love" in the hobby realm. Photography. This morning I decided to get all my stuff out.

I have REALLY been missing it lately. A big part of that is looking at all these not so great photos in all of our folders. But at least we have some memories so I will not complain. But a lot of what I have seen recently, as I have just had my phone to take pics with, is I am not getting the pics I want....I am getting like 2sec after the pic I want b/c my stinkin' phone takes forever to actually snap the shot. grrrrr.

I also just miss all the fun nature pics. And just plain having fun. I miss the perspective that a good camera and lens can show. But really the photographer has to see the picture b4 it is even taken. That's what makes a good photographer.

I really have two loves...after my Jesus, my husband, my children and ministry.

Those two are Fitness and Photography.

All this said I am on the hunt for a new camera. I love my Nikon DSLR, but have actually thought about trying a Cannon or Olympus. Also nothing crazy expensive as I will be saving up for this to pay with good ol' cashola.

I currently own a Nikon N80 SLR (film) and a Nikon D100 (digital). I had two lenses, although one broke :( and that was my main lens, leaving me with my larger 70-300mm which is not for close objects. My D100 was purchased right when they came out. It was Nikon's first Professional type camera for amateurs. It is now 8years old and outdated as far as Digital camera's go. A whopping 6mp's! It was the mac-daddy when it came out. But I will definitely make do with what I have. I may even sell some of this old stuff to help out. I paid over $200 for this LowePro bag...and for the past several years it has not gone anywhere. May sell it.

My goal is that by the end of the year to have a new camera.

Now I am off to my date with .....


And maybe some Biggest Loser DVD :)

This is part of the better Stewardship to my body. I was crazy slackin in the winter and now clothes that were loose are tight.....NOT fun. Not happy. So I am doing something daily to get this body in better shape, in all aspects....looks, respiratory, strength...just overall fitness. Making it my lifestyle again. Winter apparently killed it and I want to get in good enough shape and have it ingrained in me to be able to combat that next winter.

Happy Friday and Happy 3 day weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trinity is doing super amazing at her training. Each day this week she has only had 1 or 2 accidents a day. Today she had 3, but two were poopy and she apparently isn't comfortable doing that on the potty yet. In regard to the on one of our trips I could hear the boys doing something in the kitchen.....

...they decided to share an apple :) I had to laugh...what else can a mom do, really? lol

Asher's new smoothies we've been making.

Lately he has not been in the mood for anything chocolaty as far as shakes go. Only fruit. He needs extra calories though. Luckily we have had plenty of yogurt in the house, which we have been using like crazy. So, I mix a yogurt flavor and add some fresh fruit to his pediasure, blend it and serve! I sometimes add malt powder too as it is a good source for calories! YUM-O

Our outdoor ventures for the day! After our walk/run this morning, we went out in the backyard for just a bit to play and run around

Super girl!

Sir Poo

After naps we went out to play in the pool...
Mama & lil'T

Studly with his basketball

And the hose! The usually H.A.T.E the sprinkler or hose. I turned it on just to clean some of their toys that got caught in the storm we just had. I guess it was hot enough outside that today they decided to give it another try. I think they had more fun with the hose than the pool today.

Check out my strong man! And no I totally did not ask him to put the hose up. I looked over after starting to put their toys back up, getting ready to go in and this is what he was doing! He pulled it all the way over :)

Chris mowed yesterday. <3 that man! So excited that our grass is finally getting green! It is still crazy weeded....but hey, at least it is green so it is blending in better :P

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Breakfast this morning!

We have blueberries so why not make some fresh blueberry pancakes! They were pretty yummy. The boys loved them, and Trinity ate all but the blueberries :) We use Bisquick in our house to make pancakes. I have tried homemade and also just about any box kind that the regular grocery store sells, and really the only kind I have found worth eating is Bisquick. So as they were not homemade fresh......they were Howard house homemade fresh....the blueberries were certainly fresh!

Our Art activity today was drawing! Getting some good use out of the crayons and big floor pad of drawing pages G-ma got the kiddos for Christmas!

This afternoon while the kiddos took their nap I managed to do a small workout, but it was GREAT! I haven't had a lot of time to do things that are not at home, so a couple months ago I bought 3 Biggest Loser Workout DVDs. One of them was the Cardio Max. I did level 1 today.

It was seriously just what I needed today. We usually go for walks every morning, but didn't get it in today and have been focusing on hanging up clothes this afternoon so not going to get to it. I have also started doing some abs and obliques workouts....which this DVD helped! I am determined to get rid of these horrible love handles and muffin top and slim a bit in the hip/thigh/glute's area.

BUT then of course came....
Our afternoon snack!
Chocolate Chewy Fudge Brownies. The hardest part is waiting for them to cool!

SO proud of little T...she has only had 1 wet accident today and even stayed dry during nap time! YAY!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Age 2 is SUPER!

Age 2 and we are loving it!
Even on the days where it feels all we do is discipline. Let me share...

1 Example....Sunday Gabriel was having an issue with wanting to be in the driver seat as soon as he got in the truck. When I would try to move him he would literally through a fit. Besides the fact that it was crazy embarrassing, it was a bit annoying and aggravating as a parent... especially as I was alone. Lots of times, Daddy's voice alone will calm a storm. Asher has been a bit whinny lately too. And I just don't spank out in public (go ahead and judge) . Gabriel and I did have a good talk the whole way home. BUT over the past couple days we have had lots of opportunity for discipline, which is a good thing. Without these times we as parents wouldn't be able to help our children grow. For success, some failure is required. By today, Tuesday, Gabriel is doing SO well. Asher is still a bit whinny, but nothing crazy.

Sometimes I know I can chalk up a day being not so great just b/c our children aren't acting the way WE want them to act....especially when out in public. Our kiddos are usually really good when out, so for us it hits kinda hard b/c we know how they "usually" act. But what we all have to understand and get as parents is that our children have to grow. And the only way to grow is to trial and error and example. A child's first response to anger is screaming b/c that is what they have always done. Babies scream to let us know they need something or are not happy. We have to teach our children how to control their emotions. And a big part of that is controlling our own. Children are constantly looking to their parents for the example.

I know I've said this before, but felt it worth saying again...
An out of control parent cannot teach their child self-control.

I believe this is not only a learning experience for our children, but can also be a learning experience for us as parents. What is your first response to anger? I know I have my days where I just have to step back and breath for a minute. If we as the parent are not in the right frame of mind, we cannot expect our children to act like they are.

Prov 22:6 - Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

It may sound pretty ridiculous, but I think about this A LOT.

So I guess the point to all this ranting is that even in disciplining, find joy. Some of our greatest days here at the Howard house are days where disciplining was on high alert. Each day we have a choice. We can choose to speak and teach life into our children and be "ready in every season" or we can choose to show them the opposite.

I choose life. and this age is SO great for teaching!!!! They just soak it UP!

Age 2 really is SUPER!

Some pics from today!

Trinity...I told her she couldn't stand at the tv. she likes to point right at what she see's and say what it she brought her chair front of the other chairs instead :)

Asher in daddy's tie

Gabriel trying to figure out how to clip his already clipped toe nails

Gabriel pulling Trinity around in a diaper box...those diaper boxes are crazy fun in our house!

...and the result...

Friday, May 21, 2010


We have really been not doing a whole lot of anything today. Trinity is still havin' issues. So we have just been playin' and chillaxin' all morning. Watched a little Fragle Rock, Built a fort, had some breakfast and snack...

Here are some fort pics. Our "learning" table is now a teacher of how to make an even more awesome that doesn't fall when one of my kiddos tries to play. We used the table and the chairs, then put couch cushions on top of the chairs to create a longer fort, then just threw some blankets on top. Super easy and it entertained for like 30-45min.

I really love that the biggest question and part of being a stay at home mama....besides all the more serious stuff....teaching, disciplining..etc, is What kinda crazy fun thing can we do today?! What can we build, make, conquer, color, play that will be FUN!

All the playing resulted in more lazy they threw on some pull-up's and hung out on the bed to watch a movie :) I really dislike it when we watch a lot of "tv" (we don't have cable so usually a movie or educational dvd) BUT today we will be out the rest of the afternoon and evening having fun time away from tv....SO, I gave in today. And plus you have to have some days when you don't care and can just chillax.

this is our new toy....FREEEEEEEEEE toy I might add. Although we no longer have a projector in the living room which I am pretty sad about, but we will get one later....when we can afford one...with cashola. We were seriously lucky and got our last one on a clearance. And when we bought it we also got the service plan. It was literally up in like 2wks from when we brought it in and they "junked" it out and gave us a full refund plus tax! HOLLLLLLER fo that free dolla! As they didn't have any home theater projectors within the amount we had to spend, we went with this.....

Oh yeah, baby....42" of Toshiba heaven now sits in our bedroom

Later today we will all be going to the ISD company picnic! kinda excited!

mingling + free food + family time = FUN!

Gots to go do the hair and make-up! When going out in meet or hang out with people I refuse to just wake up and go. I may not be one to put on the ritz, but a little effort goes a long way. Like, b4 I had kids I remember the stay at home mom's coming in to the work place, meeting the hubby's for lunch or whatever...and you could TELL that they were stay-at-homers....'cus it looked like they just rolled out of bed. PLLLLLEEEEEAAASE - Don't get me wrong....I lounge it with the best of 'em....don't do the hair or make-up, keep the yoga pants on.....BUT, when going to see my man and be around the people he works with...who look up to him and respect him...I gotta REPRESENT my man. I believe the least I could do is take a shower, straighten the hair, put on some make-up, some jeans and a cute top and shoes. Just sayin'....represent

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We've had a busy week. Our house has been a mess. I have been washing more laundry than ever....and nearly none of it being put up. SO clearly I have not been busy cleaning....except cleaning up after "uh-oh's" as Asher calls them:P and I have been doing dishes, vacuuming and little stuff. But reg cleaning is has not been on the to-do list.

Underwear!!!! I was so excited that these fit Asher....the waist actually fits and they are not falling off!!!!! thrilled

Gabriel reading some Dave Ramsey. :P Lately he has been more interested in Chris and my books than his books on the bottom he climbs

Underwear wrestling! HA! I love that they play so well together. Definitely a blessing. Now of course we do have the stealing of the toys that happens (although they usually laugh when I tell them to give it back to the original "owner"...and they do this isn't really a crazy bad thing), but all in all they play quite well together...especially when they are either wrestling, playing football or chasing each other around the house.

I couldn't image life any other way. There is definitely never a dull moment and we have a crazy amount of fun.

This was day 2 of Potty Training. It was finally not crazy wet outside and plus we had beautiful sunny warm weather so we went outside for some fun....and the little potty came with us :) I had it closer to the house....Gabriel moved it. He thought it needed some sun I guess...

I have to say that I am LOVING this age! I have honestly loved every age thus far.....but seriously......the 2's are pretty awesome! So much potential and so much blessings. So for all you mom's of 2 year old's....take a seat, take a breath, soak it in, and take the opportunity now to build up your little one, encourage him/her because it will shape them for the rest of their life......and ya know, if you pay close attention they may teach you a thing or two ....too:)

To read more about how our Potty training is going see our Potty Journal