Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny Day!

We have had such a nice relaxing fun day. I have been trying to shoot lots of photo's when I get the inspiration. Shooting them with my D100....not my camera phone :) Going to try and put better pics on here, but we will still have those camera phone moments as I do not like lugging the big camera around all the time. But, today was fun! It has also given me a lot of practice for retraining my eye to all this photography.

It was really nice to have a nice warm sunny day when Chris is home. Lately it has been raining or he has been working, so we enjoyed our time together just hangin' out around the house gettin' some vitamin D!

Asher and Daddy havin' a great day together!

Asher playing in the grass and "fowers" he he

Taking a break from the pool. It was so stinkin' nice out today!

lil'T just chillin' on the bench

My little bam bam! Gabriel loves this bat

...and Gabriel and Daddy

Asher hanging out chillaxin' this morning

The boyz playing in the laundry basket....again

More Photography... Check it out!
Coming back to Photography

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