Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why I do what I do

Stayin' at home and keeping it real....

I just wrote a post called Parenting, because it is always on my heart. Being a parent is so crazy important and special. There are really no words to describe the joy I feel each day knowing God has blessed me to stay at home and teach and train my own children. I have the privilege of huggin' and kissin' on them all day long. Whiping runny noses, poopy booty's, disciplining .....and I call THIS glamorous.....seriously. This is what I call fun and life giving. I wake up every morning....(ok, well sometimes I may wake up on the wrong side of the bed....but ya know...) excited about the fact that this IS my life. I don't have to go to a "real" job anymore.

Before we had our trio I was working in the corporate world. I tried just about everything thinking it would give me that life fulfillment....my God given calling. BUT to much avail that just didn't happen. I remember when Chris and I first got together I would say "I will be the career woman and you can be the stay at home daddy" And I was super serious. I've honestly never been much of a kid person. I also thought that I would be anything but a good stay at home mom. I don't have the gift of patience.....much at all. I didn't grow up around children being an only child. I would get annoyed at other people's children all the time. I remember thinking...."I really want children, but Lord Jesus please do not let them be like that!" HA!

About a year before we had our trio God really started to change my heart and will and show me where my true God given calling was (besides what I did in church...but really how these two things would go together). You see, sometimes we get it wrong. I did. I thought that it wasn't enough to "just" be a stay at home mom. I though I had to "be somebody"....like have that power woman career. BUT, like I said God showed me different...

It was almost like a light went on. All of a sudden everything became clear.....why I was never satisfied in my career....why I moved from place to place within the company. It's because I wasn't doing what God designed me to do. Family had become my calling. Being a wife and mother. It was no longer about being this strong woman, but being a woman of strength...clothed with strength and dignity (pr.31:25)

So now I clean up messes, wipe noses and stinky booty's, play, tickle, get dog piled on, wrestle, get splashed on so much giving bathes that I may as well have just jumped in and joined...we have days I would call success and days I could scream. There are days that I would be embarrassed if anyone I know just showed up on my doorstep because the house is a mess and days where I wouldn't hesitate inviting someone in. I have happy days and grouchy days. I have days where I stay in my pj's all day or work-out attire....and others I get dressed in reg clothes just because. I never wear make-up unless I am going somewhere out in public.

And I love each moment, because all are filled with joy. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

I love each of my children in this crazy amazing way that can't even be explained. And the coolest thing is that this love made it more clear than ever to me how much my Abba Father God loves me.

Being a parent is seriously the coolest thing EVER

......even when I have three kiddos....all potty training :P

If you haven't read my previous post on Parenting I challenge you to read it!

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  1. man we WERE on the same wavelength today huh? God was blessing the stay-at-home mamas today with some confirmation. amen.