Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Age 2 is SUPER!

Age 2 and we are loving it!
Even on the days where it feels all we do is discipline. Let me share...

1 Example....Sunday Gabriel was having an issue with wanting to be in the driver seat as soon as he got in the truck. When I would try to move him he would literally through a fit. Besides the fact that it was crazy embarrassing, it was a bit annoying and aggravating as a parent... especially as I was alone. Lots of times, Daddy's voice alone will calm a storm. Asher has been a bit whinny lately too. And I just don't spank out in public (go ahead and judge) . Gabriel and I did have a good talk the whole way home. BUT over the past couple days we have had lots of opportunity for discipline, which is a good thing. Without these times we as parents wouldn't be able to help our children grow. For success, some failure is required. By today, Tuesday, Gabriel is doing SO well. Asher is still a bit whinny, but nothing crazy.

Sometimes I know I can chalk up a day being not so great just b/c our children aren't acting the way WE want them to act....especially when out in public. Our kiddos are usually really good when out, so for us it hits kinda hard b/c we know how they "usually" act. But what we all have to understand and get as parents is that our children have to grow. And the only way to grow is to learn...by trial and error and example. A child's first response to anger is screaming b/c that is what they have always done. Babies scream to let us know they need something or are not happy. We have to teach our children how to control their emotions. And a big part of that is controlling our own. Children are constantly looking to their parents for the example.

I know I've said this before, but felt it worth saying again...
An out of control parent cannot teach their child self-control.

I believe this is not only a learning experience for our children, but can also be a learning experience for us as parents. What is your first response to anger? I know I have my days where I just have to step back and breath for a minute. If we as the parent are not in the right frame of mind, we cannot expect our children to act like they are.

Prov 22:6 - Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

It may sound pretty ridiculous, but I think about this A LOT.

So I guess the point to all this ranting is that even in disciplining, find joy. Some of our greatest days here at the Howard house are days where disciplining was on high alert. Each day we have a choice. We can choose to speak and teach life into our children and be "ready in every season" or we can choose to show them the opposite.

I choose life. and this age is SO great for teaching!!!! They just soak it UP!

Age 2 really is SUPER!

Some pics from today!

Trinity...I told her she couldn't stand at the tv. she likes to point right at what she see's and say what it is.....so she brought her chair over...in front of the other chairs instead :)

Asher in daddy's tie

Gabriel trying to figure out how to clip his already clipped toe nails

Gabriel pulling Trinity around in a diaper box...those diaper boxes are crazy fun in our house!

...and the result...

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  1. love the pics!! thanks for sharing about the discipline part...i know how hard it is. i've been getting the response "you don't love me anymore" from my oldest one because she doesnt get what she wants...teenagers!! love you sis and miss you.