Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Friday!

This week has seriously FLOWN by! I am pretty sure it's because I have stayed so productive. I've been getting up around 630 or 7am every morning and going from there. One day I even had laundry started, the pantry cleaned out AND reorganized and all the trash out before 730am. The whole week has been like that.

Chris and I felt God telling us that we need to be better stewards of our home. I, particularly, had gotten a bit lazy and full of excuses as to why I wasn't getting stuff done. Sure I would do the dishes and clean the kiddos playroom, but besides that I had been'a'slackin...major. We always have a prob keeping laundry put up.....great at doing it, but not so much on the folding/hanging it back up. Not consistently anyway. We will go weeks just throwing stuff back in the dryer...fluffing. Surely we aren't the only couple that goes through these lazy least I hope not!

This week I haven't been crazy nazi cleaner everyday, but have found it much easier if I do what I normally do....dishes, playroom, wash laundry...and then just add like one thing to it. ex....if I am washing laundry then I put it up after it is done drying. Keep anything unneaded out of our bedroom and keep all dirty stuff in our laundry sorting baskets...**oh yea, that's what those are for, hmm** Pick up all the toys in the yard b4 coming inside just incase it rains, not to mention it looks trashy to have a backyard of toys....even though we have a fence.....

...Like I said being a better Steward. Just taking more thought and care and mind and attention to our home that God has so wonderfully blessed us with.

K, SO....this morning I decided to take a stab at making my own strawberry syrup/sauce. Toastered up some lego my eggo's, and sprinkled some powdered sugar for pretties and sweets....although this doesn't exactly scream was yummy!

How I made the syrup.....As I have never made this b4, I just gave it a go....I did what I normally do....guess and improvise!!! This method hasn't failed me yet! If you'd like to try, here you go....Handful of cut up fresh strawberries, about a tablespoon powder sugar, and about a tablespoon of Karo Syrup. Stick it in the blender (we have a magic bullet which is what we use) and blend until it resembles a sauce! It was a hit at our house so maybe it will be for yours as well.

Miss Trinity has not been feeling well today. Can't figure out what the deal is. No fever, no complaining of any, really not sure. Instead of eating lunch, she decided to start her nap early. Sweet baby cuddled with her teddy bear.

Asher just being Asher. Our kids have real toys I promise. It's just that non toys, like the below and diaper boxes seem to be more fun sometimes :P

Somewhere along the line, in the midst of all the craziness of the past several years I had lost my "first love" in the hobby realm. Photography. This morning I decided to get all my stuff out.

I have REALLY been missing it lately. A big part of that is looking at all these not so great photos in all of our folders. But at least we have some memories so I will not complain. But a lot of what I have seen recently, as I have just had my phone to take pics with, is I am not getting the pics I want....I am getting like 2sec after the pic I want b/c my stinkin' phone takes forever to actually snap the shot. grrrrr.

I also just miss all the fun nature pics. And just plain having fun. I miss the perspective that a good camera and lens can show. But really the photographer has to see the picture b4 it is even taken. That's what makes a good photographer.

I really have two loves...after my Jesus, my husband, my children and ministry.

Those two are Fitness and Photography.

All this said I am on the hunt for a new camera. I love my Nikon DSLR, but have actually thought about trying a Cannon or Olympus. Also nothing crazy expensive as I will be saving up for this to pay with good ol' cashola.

I currently own a Nikon N80 SLR (film) and a Nikon D100 (digital). I had two lenses, although one broke :( and that was my main lens, leaving me with my larger 70-300mm which is not for close objects. My D100 was purchased right when they came out. It was Nikon's first Professional type camera for amateurs. It is now 8years old and outdated as far as Digital camera's go. A whopping 6mp's! It was the mac-daddy when it came out. But I will definitely make do with what I have. I may even sell some of this old stuff to help out. I paid over $200 for this LowePro bag...and for the past several years it has not gone anywhere. May sell it.

My goal is that by the end of the year to have a new camera.

Now I am off to my date with .....


And maybe some Biggest Loser DVD :)

This is part of the better Stewardship to my body. I was crazy slackin in the winter and now clothes that were loose are tight.....NOT fun. Not happy. So I am doing something daily to get this body in better shape, in all aspects....looks, respiratory, strength...just overall fitness. Making it my lifestyle again. Winter apparently killed it and I want to get in good enough shape and have it ingrained in me to be able to combat that next winter.

Happy Friday and Happy 3 day weekend!

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