Monday, May 17, 2010

It has begun......

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed. " - Proverbs 16:3

Are toddler underwear not the cutest things you've ever seen?!!!!

I will update this same post each day telling how we are doing......

Day 1....
Been a rough day. Definitely more wet underwear than on the potty hurray's.....but it's just the first day. I have to say though that by the end of the day they started doing pretty good...especially Trinity. She has gone 6 times on the potty!!!! The boys are starting to get the concept which is the beginning to least I'm hoping :) And I think they are doing good considering I started the boys after nap around 3pm. Gabriel went 3 times on the potty and Asher went once! They are getting really good at telling me too!
Day 2...
It is nap time! Today has gone pretty good. Trinity has only wet her undies ONCE! They boys are still learning. But they haven't been peeing every 5 seconds. They have been holding it for quite a while which is great. Will update more tonight!
So we are at the end of day 2. Trinity seems to be doing great. She only had 3 accidents all day! The boys are still learning. Tomorrow I think will be a huge test as it is day 3. I honestly really feel like whining and giving up. diapers are so much easier. I'm exhausted. BUT we will see how tomorrow goes. It's also hard 'cus I have stuff I need to do....bills to pay, and that means getting out, which will totally not be good for the whole stay at home and train till there trained idea. And I really want to run
OK....Now that I am done whining...all in all I think all three of them are doing great.really. Trinity had tried this once before a couple months ago....we got easy ups and all, but she is really doing much better with just undies. Tried about a week and a half ago with the boys with pull ups and they didn't really get the dif between those and reg diapers cus they still are "diapery"....SO with that said, I think they are doing good with the undies only too. they do still wear diapers during naps and at bed time of course.

I have also come to find that this is not only physically exhausting and a bit stressful (if you walked in my house right now you would know why....need to clean...eek) BUT it is also a bit emotionally exhausting. My babies are growing up. One less thing they will really need me to do for them. *tear* seriously, these kids grow up WAY TOO FAST. And I am one of those people who soak everything in, enjoy every moment, never in a rush for the next step, just love what I've got. I can't even imagine how I would feel if I was working everyday all day and only seeing them at night. I think I would have a nervous breakdown or something. Well maybe nothing that crazy, but it would be seriously hard.
Day 3...
Went about the same as day 2. Although now the boys think it's more of a game than anything which is definitely slowing progress (especially Gabriel). I do have to say that we are definitely learning from this a whole family. Like this is almost more stressful for our kiddos than for us....even though we are being super encouraging and giving out serious props when they do go in the potty. I was getting a bit whiny yesterday evening. Finished out the night praying over our kiddos, and also myself...that God would give me strength and patience. Woke up praying the same today.

We also learned that it would be much easier if we just had two step up stools to the reg toilet (one for each bathroom) and also two little potty's or the better potty seats that go one the reg toilet (one for each bathroom). The all-in-one potty we got would be great if we had 1 child training and that only child was a girl. As we do not, lesson learned :) We have never done this before, so we are learning as we go! And if you are reading this you get the enjoyment of laughing at us amateurs :)

Chris stayed home today as he was not feeling well at all. He was also wonderful enough to let me run some errands today.....had to pay some bills and get to the WIC office. I was EXTREMELY thankful to have him home today so I didn't have to tote around 3 kiddos in the rain! It also was just what I needed....a little break. *Answered prayer*God renewed my strength and bucket felt a little more full and I was a lot less stressed. Amazing what God can do in less than an hour! Tonight the kiddos are in pull-ups a little early to give them a stress relief. We will be back at it in the morning.
Day 4...

Today we are taking things much slower, not as stressed. Gonna get a little TMI here, but for those who don't mind.....
Trinity and Gabriel have been having some BM issues today(esp. poor Trinity), so, for part of the morning they stayed in Easy-Ups. Constipation is not fun and I really didn't feel like cleaning poopy out of their underwear if I didn't have to as I am already cleaning underwear and drying it left and right! Other than this they are doing pretty good. We are gonna try a little different method with the boys to help them "get it". As we have already put lots of time and energy into this, I will not give up on them now....Now if they were clearly not getting it at all, and were clearly not ready I would stop....BUT they are still showing progress and while they are still willing to try, I am still willing to teach! For Trinity we just have to get over the constipation bump. For her this is huge...the main reason we stopped last time we tried. But I am pretty confident if we keep on truckin' it'll all work out!


  1. WooHoo, way to go Trinity, Gabriel and Asher. Can't believe it is potty training time already..the years go by too quickly.

  2. yay!! and yes, toddler undies are the best. the little boxer briefs are maybe the best.

  3. i have an on-the-potty seat you can have, and some kid dolculax if you want!

  4. baha! nice....I may take ya up on the extra on-the-potty seat! We have one that was part of the 3-in-1 potty we bought, but it isn't great. for $10 I guess I shouldn't be complaining :)