Friday, May 21, 2010


We have really been not doing a whole lot of anything today. Trinity is still havin' issues. So we have just been playin' and chillaxin' all morning. Watched a little Fragle Rock, Built a fort, had some breakfast and snack...

Here are some fort pics. Our "learning" table is now a teacher of how to make an even more awesome that doesn't fall when one of my kiddos tries to play. We used the table and the chairs, then put couch cushions on top of the chairs to create a longer fort, then just threw some blankets on top. Super easy and it entertained for like 30-45min.

I really love that the biggest question and part of being a stay at home mama....besides all the more serious stuff....teaching, disciplining..etc, is What kinda crazy fun thing can we do today?! What can we build, make, conquer, color, play that will be FUN!

All the playing resulted in more lazy they threw on some pull-up's and hung out on the bed to watch a movie :) I really dislike it when we watch a lot of "tv" (we don't have cable so usually a movie or educational dvd) BUT today we will be out the rest of the afternoon and evening having fun time away from tv....SO, I gave in today. And plus you have to have some days when you don't care and can just chillax.

this is our new toy....FREEEEEEEEEE toy I might add. Although we no longer have a projector in the living room which I am pretty sad about, but we will get one later....when we can afford one...with cashola. We were seriously lucky and got our last one on a clearance. And when we bought it we also got the service plan. It was literally up in like 2wks from when we brought it in and they "junked" it out and gave us a full refund plus tax! HOLLLLLLER fo that free dolla! As they didn't have any home theater projectors within the amount we had to spend, we went with this.....

Oh yeah, baby....42" of Toshiba heaven now sits in our bedroom

Later today we will all be going to the ISD company picnic! kinda excited!

mingling + free food + family time = FUN!

Gots to go do the hair and make-up! When going out in meet or hang out with people I refuse to just wake up and go. I may not be one to put on the ritz, but a little effort goes a long way. Like, b4 I had kids I remember the stay at home mom's coming in to the work place, meeting the hubby's for lunch or whatever...and you could TELL that they were stay-at-homers....'cus it looked like they just rolled out of bed. PLLLLLEEEEEAAASE - Don't get me wrong....I lounge it with the best of 'em....don't do the hair or make-up, keep the yoga pants on.....BUT, when going to see my man and be around the people he works with...who look up to him and respect him...I gotta REPRESENT my man. I believe the least I could do is take a shower, straighten the hair, put on some make-up, some jeans and a cute top and shoes. Just sayin'....represent

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