Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!!

Spring has finally sprung! And our fence is up! And we were given a playground set from some friends! All of this = exciting times at the Howard hizzie! It took our yard about a week to not be sludgy anymore from all the crazy snow and rain. These are all pics from the kiddos first venture out into our nice fenced in backyard! We all had SO much fun. They ran free, played on the slide, chilled out, threw the ball for our dog, and dunked some hoops! All and all a great first play day and there will be many more to come. By the time we came in they all had red little cheeks, which meant they got some good play time in. We just got our new toddler swings in, and hopefully they will be able to swing soon! But until then......

Having fun playin' together!

Playing "go get it" with Mr. Poo (aka Jacque)

Talent = Climbing the slide while drinkin' some choc milk!

Hangin' around

Chillin in the grass

Love this pic of the boys and Mr. Poo!

Choo Choo train up the slide!

Gabriel running for the lay-up!

Slide fun!

Asher going for the dunk!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Howard Toddler Wrestling

I think Trinity won this round!

How they ended up in the end. Kids are TOO much fun!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Blues, Snot, Wipes, and Flowers

Just a couple pics....

I L-O-V-E this pic of Gabriel...snot and all. Allergies like crazy in our house. Been wiping noses for the past couple days....totally over it. Gotta have a snot picture here and there, right? And it is inevitable, even as much as I chase them with the kleenex ;p I just love how the sippy matchesand brings out the color in his BIG blue eyes! Heart-BraKer

Trinity....she SrRUSLY likes to clean everything with the wipes.....EVERYTHING....tables, bookshelf, walls, sofa, windows, herself, her bro's.......and apparently their cars needed a good wipe ;p I was in the process of cleaning the playroom, so I definitly applauded her effort to help!
mama's little helper, helpin' along!

Playing with flowers! Asher was especially excited to be able to play with a real little plant lover :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Holler for a Haircut!

It has been since b4 the holidays... October to be exact of last year since Gabriel, Asher, and Trinity....and me have had haircuts. Needless to say that we were in dire need! We had been working on becoming debt free for the past year, and finally made it last month. Until then things were beyond tight, so unless we had some kind of extra-extra income, haircuts were just not a priority over house, utilities, food, diapers, etc...

Now that we are debt free (HOLLER!!!) we were finally able to cut some hair so I had our wonderful hairstylist Miss Monica come over and style away! Here are a few b4 and after's such a crazy difference with the boys.

Trinity Elizabeth - B4 and After (not much of a difference with T, just trimmed/shaped up and got rid of a bit in the back that was growing quite a bit faster than the rest)

Gabriel Alexander! B4 and After (shaggy to spiky again!!)

Asher Channing! B4 and After (fluffy to spiky again!...I love it, although I do miss his fluff)

It just amazes me what a little haircut can do. The boys look SO different now. It's crazy!!