Friday, March 5, 2010

Holler for a Haircut!

It has been since b4 the holidays... October to be exact of last year since Gabriel, Asher, and Trinity....and me have had haircuts. Needless to say that we were in dire need! We had been working on becoming debt free for the past year, and finally made it last month. Until then things were beyond tight, so unless we had some kind of extra-extra income, haircuts were just not a priority over house, utilities, food, diapers, etc...

Now that we are debt free (HOLLER!!!) we were finally able to cut some hair so I had our wonderful hairstylist Miss Monica come over and style away! Here are a few b4 and after's such a crazy difference with the boys.

Trinity Elizabeth - B4 and After (not much of a difference with T, just trimmed/shaped up and got rid of a bit in the back that was growing quite a bit faster than the rest)

Gabriel Alexander! B4 and After (shaggy to spiky again!!)

Asher Channing! B4 and After (fluffy to spiky again!...I love it, although I do miss his fluff)

It just amazes me what a little haircut can do. The boys look SO different now. It's crazy!!


  1. hello, where's your b4 and after?

  2. funny :) mine didn't change enough to warrant blog-worthy.