Friday, February 19, 2010

Shutterfly, my new bestie!

Ok, so our Photobook arrived today! And I am SO impressed that I am putting a post just to tell you that if you have children that this is such a great investment into the memory bank! Beautiful pictures displayed in a book page format is just wonderful. No messy tape, no horrid bubbles in the photo cover sheets...just pages with pics and comments done by YOU! Not to mention you can have whole pages with nothing but text, so if you have a great story to share that you would like your kiddos to be able to read later on, or maybe really good "toddler talk" can fill up a page! Just as an example I did 3 full text pages. One with our "faith story", one with the pregnancy story, and one with our birth to home story.

check em out! You can get a less expensive version from, but they do not have all the cover styles or page styles as I really like shutterfly's photo quality too....we order prints from them as well. Haven't been thrilled with wm's photo quality, and it is actually cheaper to get prints on shutterfly.

If you sign up, they send you all sorts of coupons, which is how we get EVERYTHING from prints, 40% off our photobook, free address labels!!! Seriously worth it if you are picture people as we are!

Go....Go NOW :D

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