Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Date With Gabriel!

So Gabriel and I went on a date day yesterday!  It was lots of fun.  We started at walmart. Then went to Bogle Park, but didn't stay b/c they had been using the sprinklers and it was muddy :(  SO, we decided to go to Philips Park.....
trying to take a self portrait of us while swinging wasn't the easiest idea...

After the park, we headed over to Krispy Kreme!  We went in the store and I put him down and told him he could choose any donut he wanted.....He immediately saw the chocolate glaze with rainbow sprinkles and went "OOOHHHHH"  so he got one of those, and then also chose the apple fritter.
...he also loved that the chairs swiveled :)  

After this we were off to the Promenade...  I was just going to have him walk around with me, but he saw the car strollers and got excited, so I thought, hey why not?  lol...he thought this was seriously the coolest thing ever.  He would steer the wheel....he really thought he was driving.  I added in some crazy driving of my own to get some extra giggles...

We finished off by going around Borders, drinking some decaf iced vanilla latte and playing with the trainset in the children's area!

After all this,
this was the result....about 5 min after we got back in the truck :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Asher slurpin' his ramen

Pool bounce
sweep, sweep, sweep!

Asher wanted to sweep too :)

When I was finishing up breakfast, this is what I caught the boys doing....putting laundry in the dryer...

Gabriel kissing the sheep :P

And some other random pics...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flying by

It seems like the past couple weeks have flown by.  Before we know it summer will be over and we will be pulling out all the long sleeves and pants....but until then!

Gabriel being the big brother and filling Asher and Trinity's buckets :)

This last week was pretty crazy as far as nap time goes.  At least 3 days were spent not taking regular naps....they just would not go to sleep.  Not to mention that they have had a new wake up schedule lately of like 630am.  So this coupled with no naps = mama going insane....well, not really insane....I just really enjoy my quiet time in the a.m. and my alone time in the middle of the day...not to mention my shower time.  When the kiddos wake up a hour and a half earlier than usual, plus no naps, I don't get any of that.  But thank you Jesus, naps are back this week!  They are still waking up before 7am, but I don't think that will change until we start having darker mornings again.  When it rains or we have darker mornings I notice they sleep in.

Oh, and they are ALL 3 in Toddler beds now...and yes, still in the same room all together!!!!  Which could also have been the not wanting to nap issue...had to get used to the freedom :) lol

My children really do love helping me clean....and I let them!  I figure if I let them do it for enjoyment now, maybe they will enjoy it when they get older....or at least not be crazy whinny and complainy about chores.  I pray they grow up knowing that this is just what we do as part of being good stewards with what God has given us. 
 I love this last pic....they really do know where stuff goes :)  and I love that!!!!
For the past 8 months or so, they have just been really into helping.  Unloading the dishwasher is just one way.  They are usually great at helping to pick up toys, put shoes away, taking diapers to the trash.  Today as we were coming in from outside Trinity even grabbed all the flip-flops that were at the door, brought them inside and put them in their shoe drawers where they go.....without me even asking or anything.  To be honest I was just going to be lazy and come back out for their shoes later.

I do have to say that probably the cutest way of helping lately is each other.  One of them will fall, or be laying on the floor and yet "HEP"  aka help, then one of the other two will come, extend their arm to help, grab hands and pull the person laying down up.  Seriously cute.

They are all saying thank you now which is just crazy awesome.  I love it.  Toddler + Manners = a beautiful thing.  Trinity and Asher are a little more pronounced and say "ank you", and Gabriel says "T-tyou"  Precious.

Here is a pic of Trinity saying "I sorry bruder" to Gabriel.  I think she took his toy or something.  But no matter what we make them say sorry and hug.  I snapped this shot just as the hug was ending.  They usually like to throw in a little kiss too. Love it!

We have recently started letting the kiddos eat popcorn....not just puff-corn.  We honestly never really kept popcorn in the house, but had been in the mood for it lately for some reason, so we bought some.  They love it.  Especially Gabriel...if you can't tell by this pic of him hogging it all!!!

And this was at South Campus one night for Connect.  The kiddos love the 2yr old room at South.  They really have some cool toys in there, not to mention a big jumpy thing.
Here is one of my little chef's cooking....that is fruit going into the microwave...I don't put fruit in the microwave, so not sure where she learned
And here is Gabriel, multi-tasking
Seriously, if any child deserves a man card at age 2, he is the one....riding a motorcycle while vacuuming. Stud

And this is what they like to do when I am cooking.  Julia Child I am not, but they love to watch non the less!  They dragged each of those chairs into the kitchen from their play/learning room just to watch me cook.  Lately Gabriel is not content with sitting this far back.  He wants to be right in the line watching everything I do.  I really, really, really love these cuties.  My little fan club :)
We are also super excited to have finally figured out Trinity's BM issues.  No more milk for her.  We are now using this...
Seriously a God send.   No more constipation.  She was seriously in some crazy pain, not to mention the diaper rash pain that comes with that.   Just getting lactose free was not good enough.  And luckily she really seems to like the flavor.  So thankful that Soy did the trick so we don't have to go to the Dr to run tests.  That would not be fun for my little princess.

I am now a professional Geo train track builder.....just so ya know

Gabriel reaching out to a butterfly.  Our children LOVE butterflies.  We get a ton of them in our yard.  I taught him that we cannot touch their wings, so he is just holding his hands out waiting for it to crawl on him.