Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And it's only Tuesday

Woke up yesterday morning and went to the living room, sat in my chair with my Bible and book.  About 5 min into it Chris was ready for work.  He kissed me good-bye then went to start the truck.  He tried starting it several times, then it just died.  dead Burby.  very sad.  He hitched a ride to work with a neighbor.  I got it to work that afternoon to pick him up, but it almost didn't start.  And it gave us trouble on the way home.  UGH.  Thankfully our friends let us borrow one of there vehicle's for today while the husband was out of town.  But we have been praying that it will start up again and keep working till we are able to get it looked at...and that it will be a very inexpensive fix.  I have to say that it is kinda scary when you only have one vehicle, which may or may not decide to work and we are toting our three 2 year old children around in 105 deg weather.  Not fun.  But God will totally provide and keep us safe, as He always does. 

Then my phone fell into the bath water for the kiddos as it was starting.  After drying out most of the day it finally decided to work :P  

Then we got up this morning and Gabriel decided to up-chuck it twice...in our bedroom....it smells lovely.  I've cleaned it several times already.  twice born milk and all of it's chunky glory.

And it's only Tuesday....

Which means our week will only go UP-hill from here on out!  I proclaim it to be so.  In Jesus name.

And on the bright side, look at our beautiful little green bell pepper.  Lil'Bell is so cute!  So excited!  We now have 3 coming in with many more buds sprouting.  I see lots of bell peppers in our future!

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  1. My pregnancy driven sensitivities thank you for this line... "twice born milk and all of it's chunky glory." LOL!

    Just stopping by from Multiples and More! May the rest of your week be wonderful and I pray the truck isn't much to fix. We made it with one car for about a month this spring. Not fun!