Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Date With Gabriel!

So Gabriel and I went on a date day yesterday!  It was lots of fun.  We started at walmart. Then went to Bogle Park, but didn't stay b/c they had been using the sprinklers and it was muddy :(  SO, we decided to go to Philips Park.....
trying to take a self portrait of us while swinging wasn't the easiest idea...

After the park, we headed over to Krispy Kreme!  We went in the store and I put him down and told him he could choose any donut he wanted.....He immediately saw the chocolate glaze with rainbow sprinkles and went "OOOHHHHH"  so he got one of those, and then also chose the apple fritter.
...he also loved that the chairs swiveled :)  

After this we were off to the Promenade...  I was just going to have him walk around with me, but he saw the car strollers and got excited, so I thought, hey why not?  lol...he thought this was seriously the coolest thing ever.  He would steer the wheel....he really thought he was driving.  I added in some crazy driving of my own to get some extra giggles...

We finished off by going around Borders, drinking some decaf iced vanilla latte and playing with the trainset in the children's area!

After all this,
this was the result....about 5 min after we got back in the truck :)


  1. PRICELESS...Love It!!!! : )

  2. Love it!!! Date Day with Mommy! What memories!