Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation Week

So I've been waiting the past 3 days to post this b/c I wanted the pics taken by Chris' phone....BUT, I can't seem to remember to get them when we are actually both home this week, which has pretty much been not at this will have to do! lol 

This past week Chris was on vaca!  It was a lot of fun.  Our anniversary was last Tuesday, and that is why he took off that week.  We ended up just hanging out around here and it was very nice and relaxing.  We watched movies, played outside, went to parks, got some ice cream, talked to some horses, and smelled some flowers!

All pics where taken with our phone camera's 'cus that's all we had with us.

On my way home from the WLFC one morning... going down hwy 102. This was at like 645am or so.  SOOOOOO thankful I do not have to drive in this traffic anymore!  I don't miss it a bit.  bumper to bumper almost clear to Centerton.  not fun for these peeps....see ya :)
On this note, I am really liking swimming in the mornings.  Sometimes it is hard to get up, but I am so glad that I do.  I may also start spinning....depending on when the class is offered. 

We visited Garden City's little garden area.  The kids absolutely love it!  What can I say, they like flowers.  And butterflies.  And there was plenty of each!  They also have horses right next to the garden, so they got to see some "horsy" up close and personal.  It was pretty awesome.  I have to say that I love the fact that we have children that are so easy to please!  Sure, they like reg parks with slides and swings and all that, but they are equally as happy just going somewhere and looking at plants, flowers, animals and butterflies.  Love them!

We also went to Andy's and got the kids some free "sample cones".  Super excited to get something free!  This was literally the first time our kiddos have ever eaten ice cream from a cone.  It was pretty awesome!  We usually just share our cups with them... a lot less messy that way.  But this day we were just hanging out, and had no plans afterward besides going to a park, so wasn't worried about the mess.  And they did surprisingly well.

Memorial Park...  they are starting to get curious about the "big kid" area.  So they decided to play a bit over there too...

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