Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's put the tree up!

We have had a busy week here at the Howard hizzie.  Friday afternoon I drove down with our other pastor's wives to a Woman Conference at New Life Church in Little Rock.  It was absolutely amazing.  And the best part was that I got to know the other ladies even better.  None of us rarely have a chance to stop and hang out, so this was a great chance for that and also to hear some powerful Word.  Priscilla Shire was amazing.  As was Michelle Bezet.  In a later post I will condense and type up some of my notes.  I took like 7pages! lol good.stuff.

While there I got a couple things from the booths that were out.  I got 2 tutu's for Trinity and a sports headband for each of the boys.  Funding for this purchase went towards a community dance and sporting program.  Here is a pic of T in one of her tutu's...
def not the best picture quality and cruddy color, but you get the idea.  I LOVE tutu's.  I think they are just crazy cute.  Unfortunately my wonderful husband doesn't think they need to be worn outside the house.  I really don't see why not.  I honestly think they are WAY too crazy ridiculously adorable to not wear out.  But that's me :P lol

On Monday of this week Chris went into work just a little bit later than usual, so I got the kiddos ready and took him into work so me and the kids could get out of the house and do some shopping!  And oh was it fun!  We went to Target first.  Was there for I kid you not...2hours.  And I did something I have never been brave enough to do.  I walked my children in.  Yep, that's right. 3 2year olds.parking stroller.  I prayed the whole way there that God would either put one of those ginormous kid carts in the cart corral in the parking lot so I could just take them in that way....OR that I would be able to get them to all hold hands and walk in together without me having to chase one down, one get hit by a car,...etc.  As you can tell I'm a little paranoid about parking lots :) I also prayed that a spirit of comfort, patience, and peace would be on them (and me) as we shopped and that attitudes would glorify God and not send us running out of the store, ditching the cart. HA!  Seriously though....God heard my prayers loud and clear!  We made into the store with no issues, then they just climbed up into the ginormous limo cart!  They had never rode in one of those b4 so it was kinda exciting for them.  I brought some apple slices and fruit snacks for them to snack on and also let them snack on some choc cov doughnuts while there which kept them pretty happy!

Then on Tues, we made one more trip to Wal-Mart after we got out of work and finished our shopping!  Holler for being done with Christmas for our kiddos!  I have seriously never been done with Christmas early.  And to be quite honest, we haven't done anything in so long.  Since Chris and I have been married we have not really done a lot with gifts for Christmas.  We know it is not about the gifts, it's about Jesus.  Last year we ended up buying one small gift for each child b/c we just didn't have the money.  This year, with us getting out of debt and being able to Budget for Christmas it was pretty wonderful feeling.  Chris mentioned the last time we did our budget that he wanted presents under our tree this year. lol  And presents there will be!  For our children anyway lol.  We still have to find each other's gifts.  That is budgeted in a later month :)
the loot.  Found SO much of this on clearance and sale.  Love me a good clearance sale!  Although what I am most excited about are the Leap Frog laptops.....which weren't on sale.  But I'm ok with that.  and yes, that is the Shaun the Sheep I won for .99 on ebay!  Now really was a great time to get stuff on clearance sale at target and wal-mart especially.

I do have to say our find of the day were these...
Just as soft and cuddly as the real Pillow Pets, but only $7.99 at Gordman's.  They were going a bit crazy over these in the store, so we just let them have them early.  Getting these alone saved us over $40!  The cat is Gabriel's, the turtle is Asher's, and the dog is Trinity's.

So now we just need the Christmas tree up!  

I am back working Tuesday morning again!  Yesterday was my 2nd week back.  I love that I can take my kiddos with me and they get their own lesson each week!  I love seeing their lesson topic and craft.  makes my heart smile....and I get to make a little dough while at it!
This week's lesson was about the church praying for Peter while he was in prison and how God sent an angel to free him!

I thought it especialy cute how Trinity colored the finger nails :) baha
Chris got me this thing for my bra's b/c one of my good VS one's got mangled in the dryer and I was not very happy about it.  The best practical gift a girl could ask for! 
....And now it is serving another purpose!  I have started throwing all the kiddos socks into it to wash them.  We just bought them all new socks and I didn't want them, like most of their others, getting eaten by the sock monster.  So just so you know....this works wonderful for that :) lol

Some random pics....

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