Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet pics by Sweet Portrayal

Hey all!  So I gave you all a sneak peak at a couple pics from our photo-shoot for the Peekaboo Mag a couple posts ago, and now I have the rest of our fave's!  Kimberly with Sweet Portrayal Photography was gracious enough to send us our fave's so that I could put them up for blogging purposes for you all!  Hope you enjoy!

Gabriel ready to jump :)...
 baha..I absolutely love this one.....


  For those of you in the NWArkansas area, check out her page! With digital camera's everywhere, everyone these days calls themselves a photographer...especially if they can use a photo editing program...but few really are good and passionate at what they do.  It's all about capturing that moment.  That photo that screams personality.  Especially with children.  As a parent you want to see those familiar looks that you can look at and laugh about.  And of course, with children it takes patience and the ability to change things up and really capture them naturally.  And Kimberly did a great job at all of this.  Thanks again Sweet Portrayal and Peekaboo Mag!

Not sure when the Oct issue is coming out.  I'd assume Oct 1st but haven't heard.Be on the lookout!


  1. Gorgeous pictures of your children! Our trio are about 5 months younger than yours. We just had family pictures done too so I understand what you're saying.

  2. Incredible Pics! I'm sweating thinking of our upcoming photo shoot! Your location is awesome and she caught some amazing ones of the trio! Love the individual ones as well.

  3. Ahhh, love these. Too cute. Amazing photography : ) PS: Hope you will send one in the mail..hint,hint!! Love ya's Sis

  4. sis, I would love too, but we didn't buy any pics. we have another photographer friend who said he would do some family pics for us though as he is trying to build a portfolio. If we can ever get it scheduled and pics taken, I will send one of those!