Monday, December 28, 2009


I would have to say that this was the most lazy Christmas we at the Howard house have ever experienced. Pretty much stayed in PJ's all day! Chris' dad had the flu as did my grandpa :(. My mom came over for a bit in the morning to watch the kids open their gifts and visit a little, then the rest of the day Chris and I just laid around, watched the kids play, watched movies, and ate some Christmas I said...LAZY

Here is a very short video of Trinity pushing Gabriel in the baby doll stroller! We thought it was took him a couple minutes to get into it.....the baby doll was taken out, then the stroller kept rolling away...then he had to try and squeeze into it, but he finally managed...

Starting out the morning with some cereal!

Trinity playing with a DoodlePro they got Christmas Eve from great grandpa!!

Gabriel carefully unwrapping a present

Asher checking out his book

Trinity and Grandma

Gabriel squeezing into the baby doll stroller

SNOW!!!!!...well a sprinkling of snow anyways!

Our children crack me up! I love having entertaining kiddos!!! :P

We will have more pics after we have our Christmas time and dinner with Chris' parents next weekend! Really looking forward to some Turkey and mashed potatoes!!! yum-o!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweep Gabriel, Sweep!!

Gabriel just didn't want to nap today. I put them all in their cribs a little after noon. Went and took my shower, got dressed, made some tea, sampled my Egg Nog Pots de Creme I made for tonight's Christmas party and he was still singing to himself in his crib. Then he started TaeKwonDo-ing the headboard of his crib so I figured it was time to get him up before he woke up the other two.

Apparently since he was not in the napping spirits, he decided he better make himself useful and clean! he he.....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fall Family Photos

Some photo's that a friend photographer took! Hope you all enjoy them! It was SO crazy windy that day. I was battling some crazy wind hair, and all the kiddos decided to have runny noses...But we had fun non the less :P 3 18mos old children, in a new place, surrounded by leaves, tree's, and more leaves, oh yes, and WIND = FUN....and craziness and running and chasing. he he he