Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fall Family Photos

Some photo's that a friend photographer took! Hope you all enjoy them! It was SO crazy windy that day. I was battling some crazy wind hair, and all the kiddos decided to have runny noses...But we had fun non the less :P 3 18mos old children, in a new place, surrounded by leaves, tree's, and more leaves, oh yes, and WIND = FUN....and craziness and running and chasing. he he he


  1. awwwwwwww the best pics ever!!!

  2. This is Alex, Fom UAMS... Wow your family is soooo beautiful... I cannot believe how big the kids have gotten, I think about ya'll all the time... Espically when I am at work and people start talking about their Favorite Families that we have taken care of.... It is so good to see how well the kids are and how absoultely wonderful they look...

    Alex Warner