Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trinity is doing super amazing at her training. Each day this week she has only had 1 or 2 accidents a day. Today she had 3, but two were poopy and she apparently isn't comfortable doing that on the potty yet. In regard to the on one of our trips I could hear the boys doing something in the kitchen.....

...they decided to share an apple :) I had to laugh...what else can a mom do, really? lol

Asher's new smoothies we've been making.

Lately he has not been in the mood for anything chocolaty as far as shakes go. Only fruit. He needs extra calories though. Luckily we have had plenty of yogurt in the house, which we have been using like crazy. So, I mix a yogurt flavor and add some fresh fruit to his pediasure, blend it and serve! I sometimes add malt powder too as it is a good source for calories! YUM-O

Our outdoor ventures for the day! After our walk/run this morning, we went out in the backyard for just a bit to play and run around

Super girl!

Sir Poo

After naps we went out to play in the pool...
Mama & lil'T

Studly with his basketball

And the hose! The usually H.A.T.E the sprinkler or hose. I turned it on just to clean some of their toys that got caught in the storm we just had. I guess it was hot enough outside that today they decided to give it another try. I think they had more fun with the hose than the pool today.

Check out my strong man! And no I totally did not ask him to put the hose up. I looked over after starting to put their toys back up, getting ready to go in and this is what he was doing! He pulled it all the way over :)

Chris mowed yesterday. <3 that man! So excited that our grass is finally getting green! It is still crazy weeded....but hey, at least it is green so it is blending in better :P

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  1. SWEET..Love the new Springy look...and think it is awesome you are working to be a better steward..reminds me I need to also..not only with my house chores, but my exercise, and everything in between. love ya's, sis