Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Table!

Our new dinning room table! A family at our church got a new set and was giving their old set away! Praise Jesus we were the first to respond and "won" it! YAY! Our set that we have had since we got married (almost 8 years ago) was falling apart....literally. The original color of the new set was part natural and part red. We really like red, but we are planning on painting our kitchen a different deep red color and it would clash just a bit, so we decided to paint them black.

Chris was in Atlanta for a work trip all week, so I decided to do the project myself! EEK!

This was really a crazy big deal for me as silly as it sounds. I'm not the most crafty, and honestly rather pay someone else to do any kind of "labor" aka painting....but it was a HUGE money saver to just do it! And I thought if I could complete something like this
1. by myself
2. with 3 almost 2yr olds
3. in a week
4....AND have it look good enough to put in our home I would feel pretty cool and proud of myself!

And so I did! I met my goal and had the whole dinning set complete b4 Chris got home!
*yay me!*
All my wonderful hubby had to do was bring it into the house (as it is crazy heavy) and put the legs back on.

Start color

On my way! After the first night

All done and in the kitchen!

The coolest thing is now that we have a sturdy, non-falling apart dinning set we were able to get the kids some booster seats so we do not have to have huge highchairs anymore! Our highchairs have seriously been a Godsend and we have used them like nobody's business the past little over a year! And they are still in AWESOME condition! Looking forward to blessing at least one fam with one of these bad boys! excited! Now just need to find two more fam's who need one!


  1. Desiree, the dining set is beautiful! I'm so proud of U! Luv you!