Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cleaning and Playing with Sir Jacque!

How our children entertain themselves while I am cleaning ;p I was picking up our bedroom and sorting laundry. This is what they were doing when I came to check on them...

...and as you can tell, hadn't got to the playroom yet...don't judge :)

Outside! It's been almost a week since the kiddos have had some good play time outside due to rainy weather, and even a couple chilly days....they have little colds/allergies, but wanted them to get some fresh air.

Jacque (Mr.Poo) is finally feeling like he can play with the kiddos! He has always been super cautious towards them. He is such a great family dog! So great with the kids.
He and Gabriel playing tug-a-war, then He and Trinity playing go get it!!!

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