Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Fun in the Sun! SO blessed!

I just can't say enough how THANKFUL we are for our yard! The kiddos are having such a great time! God is SO awesome the way He provides and uses people to touch lives! Truly living a blessed life.

It's really funny....the way the kids are playing on the playground you would think we've had it longer. Yesterday (previous posting) was their first day on it, and today was their second! Children just naturally know how to have fun and explore all possibilities of adventure! Oh the things we can learn from our children if we only watch and listen.

View of the play area!

Gabriel yelling "Daddy'!

Pro Climber!

Asher starting to climb!

Gabriel excited about conquering the first step! "woo hoo! I'm the toddler boy!"

Trinity's "fower" picking collection! She really liked picking all the yellow weeds in the yard! Thanks sister!

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