Friday, April 30, 2010

2 Year Doctor Visit!

Well, this was quite the visit! I wouldn't say the most enjoyable, but good non the less...

All three are doing great on the 2 year old learning charts! The only things they are not doing out of a huge list was going up and down stairs without help (we don't have stairs), and taking off pants and shirt w/out help (they do good on pants, but I still help to get shirts over the head). They are also very social and very much aware of what one another is going through. Our doctor noticed their focus and concern they each had for the one who was being looked at. :) cute <3

Some stats...
Gabriel - wt. 24 pounds, ht. 33 inches
Trinity - wt. 25.8 pounds, ht. 33 1/4 inches
Asher - wt.21.3 pounds, ht. 32 1/2 inches

The doc's office with our trio and the doc and nurses constantly asking questions, poking, prodding, etc....I did not take any pics while there, but these are after....they were all three covered in stickers when we first got in the car, but once we got home they started coming off.....

Asher with his blood work stylin' bandages!

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  1. So happy to see & read they are doing well! Wow getting tall & weight is so much more - fantastic! Cute Pics.