Friday, June 18, 2010

Mornin' Sun

Yay, the sun is out and the weather is so nice and warm! Our jogger has a flatish tire...just needs to be pumped up, so didn't take it out today as we don't have a pump for it. Instead we decided to go outside and have some late morning time in the pool. It was nice to not have the yard damp from misty rain and clouds. Made the bug situation much better.

The boys are sporting some swim outfits that Aunt C got them last year. The shorts are still just a tad big so we just rolled 'em! Still thought they looked cute. Will prob go out again this afternoon.

Trinity sliding all by herself. Our kids are seriously becoming pro's at our playground. They can climb up the ladder or the slide with no help (although I always stand right next to them just incase) and they can slide down without help too. Crazy how fast they are growing, even just since being given this playground a couple months ago. crazy.

Gabriel has Jacque's water bowl.....trying to get him to drink....

Asher drawing on the pavement. Our kids love sidewalk chalk, and it is on my list as we have used all of ours up besides this one little piece. They especially like to wet the concrete first b/c then it looks like paint and really brings out the little artists :)

As Jacque didn't want his water bowl....

and Trinity chasing down the dog.....with the water bowl. Apparently she and Gabriel thought Sir Poo needed some water :)

Asher checking out a fly....he's a boy....he likes bugs

Trinity getting splashed by Gabriel, b/c Gabriel is the master splasher

We are also so happy to have Chris home! He came home quite a bit later than first anticipated yesterday, and had to work today, but I cannot wait to hear about his trip. He was EX-HAUS-TED when he got home.

Also had my first night of Life Group last night. For those who don't know I am doing a LG called "Young Mom's Inspiring Excellence". I was pumped b4 it started, now after meeting everyone and doing our first lesson I am crazy beyond pumped. God has really blessed this group with some awesome ladies and I cannot wait to get to know each of them more and grow our friendships! EEEEEK so excited!!!!

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