Thursday, June 10, 2010

This week

Our week has been a bit lazier than last week. One, our weather hasn't been as nice, two...Gabriel has been sick (but feeling much better today), and three...because of the fact that I have been doing well with the whole little by little cleaning, as I've talked about in a couple other previous posts, each day there is not a whole lot to do as far as that goes! Which is totally awesome!

Gabriel, not feeling well, with his bestie...Frog :P

On our walk today! I really heart my triple jogging stroller. This is literally "how we roll" here at the Howard hizzie during the day! And our trio loves to ride in it which is great for me...and my booty....and so on
Traffic was almost non-existent today on Bliss, which is a rarity, so we even got to stop and pic a "fower" ....if you look close you can see Trinity's! They were wild, on the side of the road...didn't steal anyone's landscaping, just so that is clear :P

Asher's hair awesomeness....
there is no charge for awesomeness....

or attractiveness :)

This was snack time yesterday. I had to snap this quick pic. They all came into the kitchen to get their bowls of cut up grapes, then after I was done putting that away, I found them like perfect angels, all three siting proper at the table in their playroom. so sweet! We are SERIOUSLY blessed to have such seriously cool kiddos. Seriously.

Dancing triplets, dancing triplets, dance, dance, YEAH!

G-ma and Papa stopped by for a few this past weekend to say HI! And to their wonderful surprise the kiddos were just getting into their pool. Papa thought he could make it out without getting wet.....HA, think again papa!!!! G-ma new better :)

Asher thinks that Trinity is the bestest pillow EVER.

A little sun in our week after the storm!

Love this pic of Chris and Asher cuddling *squeeze*!

Incase you missed these on FB or haven't been to my Tumblr page to see them, these are the storm clouds from Monday! SO crazy beautiful! God is amazing! Only He could create such crazy beautiful art in our sky and all around us for that matter! and yes it was starting to sprinkle and I got a couple water droplets on the lens, which are highly visible .

And a couple from the clouds today...

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