Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on Stewardship of our Home

More home the cleaning sense....
If you've been reading my blog the past month or so, you are well aware of Chris and my call to be better stewards over our house...and our bodies and so forth....but talking about the house for this post...

If you haven't.....
To catch you up, Chris and I felt God telling us that we needed to step up our game when it came to our home. We def. had gotten a bit lazy....nothing crazy, but lazy non the less. SO, since then we have been highly productive! I am a stay at home mom, so I take it upon myself to have the majority of the responsibility in keeping our home nice/neat/organized, etc. My plan: simply to pick up as I go and do little by little. No scheduled cleaning days....I just clean a little each day...this way I never spend a great deal of time actually cleaning, the house stays clean, and we have more family time. It's really a win-win deal. This has brought me success thus far and I recommend this method to anyone who can really train themselves out of laziness. 'Cus that's what it is when we don't pick up after ourselves, respect what God has given us, and just let it go.....LAZY. I've heard people say "It's more important to spend time with your kids than clean," (I may have even said this myself at some point in the past) ...I totally get that our children are more important than doing a few dishes, and we all need lazy days here and there...BUT, we still have to be good stewards, and when we do that, we actually get more real family time....I promise :) Just try it! And remember, children are watching our lack of stewardship too. Not preaching, just sharing what God has been teaching Chris and I. Our children are not to be used as an excuse for any means.

Bottom line: It's all God's anyway, so we need to steward what He has given us. If you need an easy tie in, just look at the way the Bible tells us to deal with money, and apply it to the rest of your this instance, your home :)

You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. - Mt. 25:21

I'm pretty sure that we could all find something about our home to complain's too small, not enough rooms, yard not big enough....etc....BUT when we choose to be content no matter what our circumstances, AND we are thankful for what God has given us, AND we steward what HE has given us well.....GOD will BLESS!!!!

This week.....
Monday evening....the cleaning of the clothes closets!!!! Meant to do this last week and just never made it to it....BUT, finally got it done. It's seriously amazing how many hangers we now have. We filled 4 trash bags worth of clothing and one full of hangers....and still have lots of extra hangers.


Yes, I had a TON of clothes....the greatest majority not what I have worn in like forever....but I guess I thought...."one day" or "I may wear that"....or whatever other excuse I have made. Got rid of lots of pants, sweaters, tanks, tons of t-shirts and even....yes you are reading this correctly SHOES!

Gabriel walking one last time in some heals I'm getting rid of :) And Asher helping Daddy with his closet! SO cute....he was trying to figure out how to put Daddy's shorts on the hanger.

Then on Wednesday.....
Had to clean the whole's so hard playing catch-up when I have busy days that I don't get done what I usually do. But as I was already in crazy cleaning mode, and my kiddos where doing really good, I decided to clean out our playroom closet....
this is what came out of the closet...yikes, right?!!

This is the closet after I was done....

I really heart seeing the floor in all my closets.....hence, this was a successful task accomplished!

As I took everything out of the playroom to clean the closet and vacuum and all, I decided to re-arrange this room too...And get rid of more toys. Our learning table was in the middle of the room, but it made the room seem so small, and there wasn't a lot of room to actually the room is small I moved it to the wall. Much more space!!!

Also took one tier off from the organizer and made this like another "part" of the room....kinda gives the feel of separating it a least to me.

Last is the alphabet train and our chest of stuffed animals/babies.

It may not seem like a big deal, but trust me it makes a BIG deal in the amount of room we have in our home! Plus it really puts my mind at ease knowing everything is clean and somewhat organized.

I really HEART productive days, weeks, months......and even more, I heart what they HARVEST! We reap what we sow.

AND, MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!! GARAGE SALE on Saturday, July 10th! All monies earned will go toward our Little Rock trip for Asher ( I will do another post about this later for those who don't know what I'm talkin' bout)!!!!!! Spread the WORD! Please :)


  1. i have started praying in the morning for productivity for the day. wow what a difference it makes! i have a bag of stuff for you for the boys for fall. whatever you don't like/want, consider it a donation to your garage sale.

  2. I have some things too. I need to sift through my closet also. I will check w/Papa to see if he'll give me some good stuff to put up for sale. How much is the test for my little bug?

    Love ya's

  3. You do inspire me! I'm going to go throw a load of laundry in right now and do some general de-cluttering.