Thursday, July 8, 2010

Head, Tummy, Knees and Toes

So we have added a couple things to our learning time.  We are doing a little game where I have Gabriel, Asher and Trinity reach for the sky, then touch their toes, then knees, then tummy then head....then it starts all over again.  We also incorporate jumping, twisting, spinning around in circles and running in place!  The kiddos have really been enjoying it!  It's amazing how quick they caught on. We have also started a "word a week"....this week's word is "help".  LOVING it.  They are doing great.  I can't stand the "eh eh eh" - ing....drives me insane, and them learning how to use the word help has been great.  We've used it for a while, but not in a learning sense where I show them examples...I just always tried to correct them.....the "learning word a week" is working much better.  I haven't heard one eh eh eh this week since we did this. 

It's been rather gloomy as far as our weather the past couple days, so we have been doing a lot of playing inside and some movie watching.  We went to our friends the Brown's last Friday night and they introduced us to Netflix streamed movies.  Chris really loved the idea to say the least.  We just had to fit it into our budget!

SO, since we have been getting the paper....and not making the time to read it...not to mention that I have not made time to go through all the coups and they have been just cluttering up our house, we decided to cancel the paper.  Our recycle box will be sad I'm sure :P  We were paying $7 for the paper, and now will be paying $8.99 for netflix....which we have used everyday since starting our free trial.  I lOVE that they have children shows too.  We have been introduced to the Backyardigans, which is great!  We also get to watch VeggieTales that we don't have, and many more.  Not to mention movies and tv shows that Chris and I enjoy watching!

We haven't had cable in almost 8years now, with no plan on getting it, but this is a great alternative, as we control what comes into our stream and can watch them whenever we want!!!  Now we just need to get a wireless router so we don't have to keep unplugging our internet to our computer to plug in our DVD player to watch something.

Besides all this we have been getting ready for our garage sale happening this Saturday!

Here are some random pics.....
Gabriel styling his hair Sunday morning for church!

Asher and his "Baloo"

Trinity's "pidy toes"!  Painted them for the 1st time the other day!

Playing with cars!


  1. love that last one of trinity!! we did the sign for help when ours were little and it was so nice. i'm with ya on the eh eh eh noise. makes me want to pound my head in the wall. i'm getting excited that leo is about old enough to be catching onto signs.

    btw--we put those tables and another box of stuff for your sale in phill's office. if you can just call him to work out a time to get it. obviously feel free to keep any of the stuff if you like it! there are more clothes and a fun horse thingie. phill's number is 970-1503

    that netflix thing is tempting...i didn't know it was so cheap!

  2. Hey!!! KFSM Channel 5 is having a "Cutest Kid" photo contest & the prize is a new camera outfit from Bedford!!!!!!! Check it out. Didn't say how many times you can enter!!!!!!!
    My Grandchildren are cuter than anybody elses!!!

    Love You All!!!!!

  3. sweetness!!! Def gonna do this!