Monday, July 26, 2010

bee's, bears, & beds

Lots to talk about.  Long post.  But I guess that's what happens when I go over a week without a post...

Not quite sure where to start, so I will start with bee's.....YES bee's...

This past week Chris spent some time each night working on our yard in some way.  Just little things, mowing, watering, spraying turf builder, and knocking down 6...yes, SIX nests.....i think he said we had 3 red wasp nests, 2 yellow jacket, and one reg wasp nest...and these all in our beautiful new fence.  It's a good thing he's a 3rd degree Black Belt, 'cus he had to use some of it on an angry red wasp.  He won.  No stings.  No E.R. visits.  :)  After he sprayed the nests, faught a couple off with a broom (aka bow staff) and he knew there were no more around, he knocked down their homes and through them out.

That's MY man, ladies.  Bee hunter, backyard protector.

On Wed I had our WIC re-certify visit which is always loads of fun for everyone.  I have to say though this time it went rather smooth.  Neither Gabriel nor Trinity cried when they got their fingers pricked.....although they didn't like the scale or the height measurement...go figure.  Asher of course had to show a little drama with the finger poke, but he liked his "sticker"  aka bandaid :)  The elderly nurse lady who did all of our tests was pretty funny.  and a bit grumpy.  She did everything with them fully clothed, shoes and all,  for height and weight....except Asher's shoes fell off, so he shows as being like a half inch shorter. lol she totally didn't care.  she cracked me up.  We were her first appt. and she was apparently in a hurry. But I didn't want to stay any longer than we had to so not complaining.  We got in and out of there and loaded in the truck in an hour.  record time!  And I have to say we are SO thankful for WIC.  I honestly think it is awesome.  We've had it since the kiddos were about 5 months old.

After our appt., I had a bill to drop off and Chris suggested I use my time that I had the truck to get out of the house for more than just an we went to the Promenade!  It was nice and there was close to no one there because nothing was open yet.  Well, nothing except the Choc Factory and Antie Anne's!!!  So, I grabbed a lemonade, 'cus they have the best lemonade around here and it was already getting crazy hot out.  Then I looked over at the chocolate side and saw they had these little chocolate bears on sticks!  And they were affordable, so I got each of the kiddos one...YUM-O
They never get treats like this so they were giddy :)  to say the least.  It was great, except for the heat which was starting to melt them.  And quick is just not something Asher does with food.  Then he ended up dropping his on the concrete.  Luckily he ate about half b4 that happened, but still did not make for happy time :(  But he eventually got over it, the other two finished their bears and we went on.

I had forgot how nice it is to have a vehicle throughout the day.  Something I totally used to take for granted.  But I sure did enjoy every minute of freedom on Wednesday!

As much as it still feels like only yesterday we were at the hospital, our kiddos are growing up so fast right before our eyes.  And again I am so incredibly thankful to be a stay at home mama so I can enjoy every minute of it.

And as you may have read in one of our previous posts, Gabriel had been climbing out of his crib.  SO, Friday evening Chris converted Gabriel's bed to a toddler bed.  As much as I want to cry at the fact that my babies are growing up, they are so stinkin sweet, and I love every stage....this just seems to make the toddlerdom (i make up words...i like it) final....
sweetness.  such a big boy.  And he is doing crazy well.  After hearing other parents horor stories of toddler never going to sleep, constantly getting up, continuing the play b/c they can just get out of bed on their own, etc....I was literally amazed.  Not once has Gabriel done any of that....yet :)  It's like he feels this new sense of responsibility and big boy-ness.  Especially since the other two don't have theirs converted yet.  Unfortunately their side rails are both broken.  Our fault for not unwrapping and checking when we first got them.  SO, we have to wait till we can order two more b4 Trinity and Asher will be "big kids" :)  officially.

It is seriously amazing me how much more our children are talking just withing the past like 2 or 3 weeks.  It's just crazy.  Especially Trinity.  She can repeat almost anything.  Although some words still come out a the words shirt, skirt, sock, shorts, fork.....she can say her s' and sh's and r's....but when you put them together in the same word something usually gets left out.  :)  She can also say lots of other words and prases now too.  some examples:
sorry "shaury"
bless you "besh oooo" or "shoo shooo"
banana "bana" or bananana"
balloon "balooo" or ballooloo" or "noonnooon" - not quite sure what started the last one?
please "peeeeeez"
thanks you "ink yoooo"
love you "wuv yooooo"
where you going? "whereyoooogoing"
stop "stop"
cow "tow"
no ma'am "nomaaaam"
....and many more...pretty much anything we ask them to say they at least try.
It's seriously crazy

Everything must come out!  Apparently a phase.  they all have to grab every stuffed animal, lovey, and blanket out of their beds b4 getting out.  cracks me up.  I literally have to wait on Trinity to grab, drop, grab again, drop, then finally just grab everything in a hug then look up like "ok, get me out" :) 
Gabriel's bed stash :)

Asher caries light :)
Art in the clubhouse
and a couple other random pics
Trinity "heping" brother up the slide :)

Oh yes, and we have been exposed to "24".  How on earth do people watch this show on cable waiting a week for the next hour, literally, in the show.  It would drive me insane.  I was thinking that you watched a 24 hour period each episode not each season! AGH  needless to say we were up till midnight or later watching Season 1 episodes 1-5.  mad that we had to stop so we could sleep.  ha!  just one more reason to not have cable, then watch things years later.  I can't stand waiting.  Thank you netflix.

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  1. goodness they are getting so big.
    glad to hear you have a backyard protector!! ;)