Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun stuff

Our children are ninja's
It's official.
Gabriel and Asher both can catch flies with their bare hands....or two fingers I should say.  It's really funny to watch.  They each quietly go up where the fly is then kinda follow it for a minute with their fingers.  (gaining it's trust I guess lol...)  then they grab it's wings and yell for me "MAMA, FLYYYYYYYYY!"  it's awesome. Trinity is a master fly killer too just with different tactics, she prefers the swat method...with her lovey or a towel...not her if :) Gabriel has also learned how to silently climb out of his crib.  And I have caught Trinity trying to climb out of her crib too....then she saw that Gabriel got a spank for it and decided against the idea :P  haha  smart girl.

For the past week Trinity has not wanted to go outside in the backyard.  She gets hysterical.  whinny.  not fun to say the least.  And it was a total all of a sudden thing.  This child is a water bug, outdoorsy girl....would be out all day if I let her.  We had my young mama's life group over yesterday for a play date and she was still wiggin' out.  SO, today we did some intervention.  It honestly, for real, only took like a minute of whinny screaming outside before she was good to go.  I ignored her and played it up with the boys....since she had no one to run to and whine to it ended QUICK!  She then played like she normally does.  I think we have our normal child back :)  Thank you JESUS! As one of my friends in LG says "I don't do whining" uh, yeah  :P  Glad that was a quick phase.
                                                             lil'T playin' it up in the pool today!

For one of our lunches this week I decided to let them color at the table with their big paper and crayons b4 I had their lunch ready.  Then I used their color pages as place mats!  Going to do this more often!  It worked great.  They were so content to sit and color for the 5 or 10 min b4 eating and then I had less mess on the table to clean up!  Total win-win deal! 

Some other cute pics from today on the camera phone....
I love how the boys are taking care of their flowers by watering them <3 *squeeze*

Some funny stuff...
-Trinity's fave new word is Banana...usually in random song....."Bananas, bananana, bananananaana, apple, apple, bananana"  I have some cute video but something is up with our little camera's maybe later
-Also on that camera are video's of our kids fly hunting....pretty funny.  If I can ever get them off that camera, I will post them :)
-The word "fork" does not sound good coming out of a toddlers mouth :) 
- Trinity likes to wave and say "bye" to her um..stuff....while it is flushing.  Can't make this stuff up people
- I bought the kids this little toy camera (check-out line @wal-mart) and when I get my real camera out, Asher will click away on his little camera taking pics with me.  (also on the non working video that I hope to upload at a later time)  lol

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  1. cute cute cute. love the boys tshirts:-)
    and the fly thing is unbelievable. how many times have they done that?!?! toddlers are not typically so "stealth".you know gus has never tried to climb out of the crib? which is why he's still in it, lol