Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been making some different summer fresh fruity drinks lately.  SO good.  This one shown here is
5 strawberries, 1 peach - skinned (make sure it's nice and ripe or it will be sour), and 1 banana.  I then add a little sugar (to taste), then fill with water about 3/4 of the way up the cup.  Then blend a 'la magic bullet!  and viola, a perfect yummy treat!  and since I am not using yogurt or milk or ice cream, it is also much less fat/calories than a regular smoothie!  Who doesn't love that?!

I can't believe how tall our babies are getting.  They can now reach the deadbolt...
Chris has been locked out like 5 times already.  Hilarious! He goes out to water the veggie plants and Gabriel shuts and locks the door.  :P 

Our pet frog....
OK, so maybe he's not really our pet...we found him on our back porch yesterday morning while outside playing.  The kids really loved him.  Although at first Gabriel shouted "beeeeeeee!" and tried to step on him.  Luckily I saved the frog and explained to Gabriel that we don't kill frogs.  I got it into one of our buckets, showed the kids that they could touch him.  Asher wanted to pick him up.....and he found out real quick that frogs jump!  HA!  It was pretty funny. After he got over it he continued his squeals of excitement. 

Our kids like nature.....especially Asher "bug".  :)
And then we let him go by our gate.  Pretty sure our kiddos would have loved if we could have kept him. 

Yesterday I cleaned and organized our pantry again.  It really drives me insane when it is in complete disarray and I cannot see everything and when I know there is stuff that must be thrown out.  Something about a clean, organized pantry makes me smile ahhhhh. 

And while in there I saw that we had pudding that was still good, so I decided to make all our pudding we had in there.  One box each of chocolate, butterscotch, and banana cream.  YUM!
And Asher REALLY enjoyed his :)
I have to say the fave was prob chocolate for Gabriel, butterscotch for Asher, and Trinity liked 'em all!

Gabriel "big boy" swinging...
A new favorite spot...coloring away

I brought these hats home from work during "Adventure Week".  Trinity will only wear it wrong side out.

Word.  All she needs is to be throwin' up a gang sign.  baha
mama's lil'homegirl
...and Trinity "hep bruder wing"  aka....helping brother swing :)
She is so sweet.  Always helping out.  They all help out, but she just has that nurturing about her that I love. 
Yesterday when I was handing out snack, I gave her her bowl of cereal first.  What did she do?  Yeah, she gave her snack over to Asher, then just waited for the next bowl.  Sweetness.  Pure sweetness. 

God has really blessed us.  And we know it.  Our children are such little jewels.  Truly gifts.  They make God's love known to us even more each and every day. 

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