Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Weekend and Busy week

Saturday we had our Garage Sale and really scored!  We will have enough to make our trip and go to the zoo.  We may even stay the night in LR so we aren't so rushed. It was crazy hot out on Saturday though.  wow.  The heat nearly got the best of me.  I was draggin' when we were all done.  I closed shop around 330pm. 

After our sale was over, Chris took all the clothes and nik naks to Helping Hands and on his way back stopped at Wal-Mart and got me these...!!!!!!

Love my wonderful man!  Loved seeing him walk in with a dozen roses after my long hot day!

Then yesterday afternoon I got some me time.....well, me time at Wal-Mart :P HA!  But it really was wonderful.  Usually when I go there it is in the evening and I am rushing around so I can get back home and have some time with Chris before we both fall asleep.  Yesterday wasn't rushed at all.  I even moseyed around the book section and toy section.  Didn't find any books to buy, but it was just the point of relaxing. 

I was also super excited about getting the kiddos each a toy.  For those who really know us, you know that we just don't buy our kids stuff ever.  Even for their b'day we got them each a milar balloon ($1) which they thought were the coolest things since mac n' cheese.  And for Christmas we got them each 1 toy. We just don't believe in getting them junk toys, just for the sake of getting them a toy...ya know what I mean?  These were toys I had actually been wanting to get them once we had the money.  And I loved that they were very inexpensive, but exactly what I was looking for to get them!  SO, this was a REAL treat for them!!!  And for us! .  
Here is a quick video of them playing with their new cool toys!

Our kiddos have been having some allergies or a slight cold the past couple days.  Plus it feels, and sounds :) like they are getting their 2yr molars in.  And with this, Asher had 2.....count them 2 blow-outs today.  Haven't had one of these since they really were "babies".  And the first one was crazy bad.  He just happened to be on one of our chairs.  It was super great.  Luckily that piece of furniture is edura suede and was easy to clean...gross, but easy.  needles to say bath time came early today! 

Ninja Toddlers....
 last but not least....I recorded this on my phone since I couldn't get the other one off our little camera.  They didn't actually kill the fly, but you get the point of the ninja-ness :P hehe and please excuse Gabriel's loud cat dying impression in the second video.  :P 

This week is going to be kinda busy.  I am working at "Adventure Week" Mon, Tues, and Wed evenings.  This is like VBS.  Thursday evening is Life Group, then Friday is our trip to Little Rock!

Unless something crazy amazing awesome happens, I prob won't be posting anything till after our trip.  Please still be sending up believing prayers for Asher! 

Hope ya enjoyed all the videos!


  1. I hope you washed hands after this fly extravaganza!! That was hilarious how he just caught the fly!! It's the little things that amuse kids, huh?!!

  2. wow, can't get over how much they are talking now!!!! too the video's