Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Rock!

Our weekend began early Friday morning.  We headed out for Little Rock at 640am, stopped to grab some McD's, then we were on our way!
Gabriel on our way....TI-RRRRED :) with Froggie on his head.  He eventually fell did Asher and Trinity. 

We arrived at Children's about 20min early and they saw us right away.  The test took less than an hour total.  After that we were on our way to the hotel, then to eat, then off to the zoo!!!

Asher and Gabriel checking out a nasty chicken that kept walking by us. (pic of chicken below)
  Hot princess...heat index was like 102 deg.  Good thing we had lots of water, and some super yummy fresh lemonade!  The zoo also had little misty areas you could walk through.
Kiddos checking out a donkey!
And going through the little "rain forest" area!  There were tons of little fluffy head birds just walking around...and one duck.  Gabriel thought that was the coolest ever!
Some of the animals...

As we were heading out of the zoo, we recieved a phone call from Children's telling us that Asher's test came back NEGATIVE for Cystic Fibrosis!!!!  YAY!!!  So, he is all clear and a healthy little man!  Super pumped about that!  Thank you Jesus!  And since we had such a good report the last time he visited the Pulmonary Specialist, she said that if he is negative for CF, that he no longer needs to see her!  Holler for less doctor visits!!!!

After the zoo we went back to the hotel room and chilled for a bit, then went to the pool!  I SO wish I had a picture of our kiddos in the pool with their water wings and inner was too cute....and funny.  Gabriel didn't want his tube....that child was determined to swim on his own.  SO, he did that with daddy's help.

Saturday we visited Alex, and a couple of the other nurses who were there at UAMS that remembered us.  It was so much fun!  All the nurses that work in the UAMS nurseries are angels in my book.  Our kids couldn't have had more caring and loving bunch of ladies by their sides, especially Asher who was there for 4 months!  Goodness.  Seems like only yesterday I was making the daily walks from the UAMS house to the hospital to see my babies each day.  How fast time flies!

On the way home...
Happy Babies!  Not sure if they are happy to be going home, or just happy to have got some Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake from TGI Friday's.....they be lovin' themselves some cheese cake!  HA

What our road trips are like :P

 "Peekboo"  if you can't tell, our kids are easily are we I guess since we decided to video them 'cus we thought it was so fun to watch :P

We have also decided that another Zoo trip is in order!  Now that I know how to operate my mom's camera better, I will be able to use it for more than the ride home :)  Funny how I can work a Nikon professional camera just fine, but when it comes to a Kodak Easy Share, I am lost!  HA!  Looking at going to the Tulsa Zoo in the fall.  The LR zoo was way too expensive for them not having much to do and so many exhibits closed.  Anything was better than nothing though in our book, so it was worth it and the kiddos still had tons of fun....and that is what matters.

And...drum roll please!!!!!!
Just got a letter from Children's letting us know that our financial assistance was accepted and 100% of our outstanding bill is taken care of!!!! HOLLER!  After Asher's last visit and the test, our total was going to be around $1,000 or so, SO, this is seriously a HUGE Blessing on top of Asher's wonderful test results!!!! YAY


  1. That is so awesome. In my opinion , Oklahoma city has one of the best Zoo's you should check it out, of course we haven't been since Sarah wa s2 . a trip is in order soon.Your kiddo's are growing up so fast.

  2. what a great day! so glad to hear it.
    curious--how did you go about getting the financial assistance? i'm wondering if there's not something out there for all kevin's stuff, but i certainly don't know where it is...

  3. great post. so glad it was a productive and fun day!!!