Friday, July 2, 2010

The Skinny on Mr. Skinny pants

He had his Pulmonary Specialist visit on Monday. They say that he is really doing great. His weight is improving. Plus the fact that we haven't used Flovent in a couple months and haven't had to use the albuterol but a couple times since our last visit. When they checked his breathing they even said he is breathing normal....which for him is a miracle in itself, as since we have been going to the specialist he is usually breathing heavy and fast and you could really see his lungs working on overdrive.

SO, lots of blessings!!!

We do have one more test to do before he is out of the woods so to speak. We have to go to Little Rock to have a "sweat test" done to make sure that he does not have Cystic Fibrosis. This disease is a BIG deal. The sooner it is caught, the better, but there is no cure and life expectancy is around 30yrs old. Won't go into more detail than that at this time, b/c I don't feel it necessary. God has covered me with a strong peace.

When this test comes back CLEAR, Asher will no longer have to see the Pulmonary Specialist!!!! HOLLER!

Our trip will be on Friday, July 16th. We are going as a whole fam and will be going to the LR Zoo after the test is over! I cannot wait to see the kids at the zoo....they are literally gonna FREAK!!!! They seriously LOVE them some animals, birds, you name it. Super excited. Funny thing is that we had planned on going to a zoo this summer, but financially we just couldn't see it happening, so we had decided against it. I'm taking our having to take Asher for this test as God's way of getting us to the zoo this year :) HE knew that one of our family goals was to do some sort of a trip every year. And even though that means we see a doctor on this trip, God made it happen!

With all this said, we will be having a GARAGE SALE!!!!!! SO, spread the WOR-Da, please!!!!
I have posted a note on craigslist and will try to get some signs made. Please be praying for God's favor on this sale! Everything we make from the sale will go towards our trip (Gas, hsp costs, zoo, food). We don't know for sure how much the test will cost, and we have also sent for financial assistance.

Thank you for all your continued believing prayers! God is hearing all of us from Heaven!


  1. thank you 4 printing update re Asher's Dr appt in LR. Good luck w/garage sale. Please keep posting updates so I can know what's going in w/all of you. Praying 4 Asher & all your family. Have a great time @ the zoo!!!!! Especially the lions!