Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey all,
These are just some random pics that we took over the past few weeks. Hopefully we will have some nice Fall weather pics within the next month or so. Just looking for a nice "leafy" location. I LOVE fall leaves!!!! If you have any suggestions where a good place would be to take some good family pics PLEASE let me know!

Our kids love playing in and on the clothes baskets.

Trinity tickling Asher

Gabriel.....being Gabriel

just playing

Asher with his Fedora....or um plastic container hat

Daddy and Gabriel

Kiddos in our "new" recliner!!!

Such a beautiful little girl. It's a good thing she has two brothers. Not to mention a 3rd Degree Black Belt as a Dad.

Tennis anyone?

Rockin' Frog

I just love this look :) too funny

pretty boy smile!


  1. yay for internet and updates! great pics.

  2. ahh too the pics. i'm so sorry to hear about your computer..that bites!! if i hear of any good deals i will pass it on to you. love ya's

  3. sis,
    God has seriously blessed us with some awesome friends. One family let us borrow their comp until we got our own, then like 2 days later a couple in our Life Group said they felt God leading them to give us one of their laptops! how awesome is our God and the super caring and giving people HE has placed in our life!!! Amazes me daily :) love ya!

  4. wow...yes HE is amazing!! glad to hear you back online : ) love ya's too Sis